Ask For What You Want!

I’ve asked a lot of questions in my career.  From my  experience, that’s how you learn. It’s also how you get what you want.  The problem is … if you don’t know how to ask for what you want, you don’t get what you want. You will no doubt get what you don’t want.

Question Mark

So, is there a formula, or a secret to asking for what you want?  Read what one of my mentors says about how you ask for what you want. After you’re done, leave a comment to let me know how you ask for what you want, and then subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already done so. Here goes …
“Even though we are among the richest persons on earth, there comes a time when we have to ask for something. This proves that richness is never absolute. Even the richest person needs to ask people to do something for them. And when these people decline, it adds to the hurt.
A highly effective person is one who can ask for things in such a way that people offer to do it for them. Can you do that? Can you achieve perfection in this all-important skill?
When you have to ask someone for something, one of the first things you have to do is to use the right approach. You shouldn’t be too humble about what you are asking and you shouldn’t be too proud either. Ask casually, as a friend would ask another.
You should not let the other person feel like you are asking them arrogantly and at the same time you should not let them feel that they are doing a favor on you. Both extremes can have disastrous results in the long run.
So, when you are asking, have a smile on your face. Ask what you want directly, without hemming and hawing too much. Get straight to the point. Ask first, and then explain why you want that particular thing, again in very few words. Don’t beat around the bush. People should see that you are being practical about it. The demeanor should be thus—“I need something today, so I am asking you; when you need something tomorrow, I’ll help you out.”
Don’t feel inclined to go into detailed reasons for what you are asking unless the other person asks you precisely for it. If you are asking for money, you need not state the purpose in detail, but you will have to give a general idea to the person as to where you are going to spend their money—for an urgent hospital bill or to make a mortgage payment or to buy something. People like to know where their favors are going, but they don’t need to know too many details. That bores them.
Always make a promise as to when you will return what you are asking for, or how you will repay the favor later on. And stand by that promise when the time comes. This ensures good credit for you in the long run.
Above all, you need to remember that people are meant to help each other out in times of difficulty. If you are asking for help today, the tables may very well turn and someone will ask you for help tomorrow. Don’t disappoint them then. If you have a mind to help others out when you are able, people will read it and will extend you help today.’
If you’re asking for the sale, you have permission to ask how your customer would like to make payment. To even give them a choice is quite acceptable … like asking “by check or credit card?” Remember, if you don’t ask, you will not get what you want.
If you’re asking for a grant, or loan funding, the ask is in the form of an application with the appropriate supporting documentation, which may include a business plan. If you want what you’re asking for, be sure to give the information you are being asked for.  No more, no less; except if more will be an explanation about something that will answer any questions. If, for instance, credit questions come up in a loan application, give the answers in a separate letter or informational document so the lender doesn’t feel you’re willfully withholding information. In this case, more is better. The key in a loan request of any sort is to ensure you let the lender know how and when you propose the loan will be repaid.
Ask with confidence; act with integrity, and you are more certain to get what you ask for!
I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep an eye out for more. This is only the beginning.
V. Lynn Hawkins, Biz Coach and Consultant,
Creator of the “7-Hour Biz Plan Blueprint Workshop”
President, Skyhawk Biz Coaching and Consulting
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Contributing Author: Stephanie Mulac, author, mentor and coach. Stephanie Mulac has spent 20 years as an entrepreneur in the technology and self improvement industry and has coached thousands of students to financial freedom through effective use of their inner power. Stephanie spends her time with family as “Master Manifestors” and they are RVers traveling the US.

That’s The Truth!


I have often pondered what’s truth and what isn’t and have drawn some right conclusions, and some wrong ones.  What I’ve learned is that we are born with intuition and know truth deep within us (that gut feeling) but we deny ourselves that truth until we learn to believe it and then to rely on it.
The following is something that was written in a time of deep reflection by of my Mentors and after reading it, I am compelled to share it.  It’s the best explanation of what I’ve learned and feel about being who we are meant to be and finding success in that journey …
… and ‘That’s The Truth!’
Here goes ….
Use Your Will to Choose Truth
Have you tested the power of your will?
Have you used your mental muscle to turn around a disappointing situation or manifest something amazing by staying singularly focused on your desired outcome?
If not, this is another opportunity for you to put this secret of multimillionaire entrepreneurs to work.
Align with Truth
When I first read that the Universe wanted me to have what I wanted even more than I did, it resonated so deeply that I broke down in tears. I knew it was the truth.
We recognize truth when we hear it, because truth lies within each of us. We were created from truth.
So why would you want to believe in lack? In poverty?  They’re lies, and they lead you astray.  You know that. Deep inside you know that. Your will is the mechanism by which you say, Lies! and bring yourself back to what you know. Back to abundance and faith and love.
Then you use your ability to focus to keep your thoughts aligned with truth. You put yourself into a state of constant prayer, where everything you want flows toward you.
What Prayer Is
Most people think that prayer is dropping to your knees and asking God for help. That’s not prayer. That’s making a noise on your knees.
Prayer actually goes on inside of you all of the time. You’re always in communication with Spirit, and the Universe is always returning to you the equivalent of your prayer.
When you want something and say, “I don’t have the money,” you stop perceiving God and perceive either yourself or another individual as the source of your supply.  You fall into a mindset of lack, excuses or manipulation.
But when you refocus your thoughts to resonate with abundance, you recognize Spirit as the source of all supply.  You maintain your faith and gratitude.  You keep a firm picture of your objective in your mind.  You keep your heart open to the wonders around you.
How Prayer Works
Your prayer is then projected out to whomever is in harmony with your idea, and that person will instantly be brought to you to satisfy whatever need or desire you have.  That person gives you what you want and you also satisfy their need.  There is an exchange of energy.
People who try to subvert that energy exchange, who want to get things for free, are not following the Laws of the Universe.  They’re trying to manipulate
because, as I said last time, they don’t know or believe that abundance flows
from Spirit, so they think they have to manipulate people to get what they want.
It’s the same thing when you’re in a relationship where there is no love. The relationship is then based on manipulation. You want somebody to do something for you in order to make you feel good.
When it’s based on love, it’s all about giving. The receiving comes naturally.
Bring Yourself Back Home
Listen, we all falter. Few of us are taught these principles from birth. We have to learn them as adults.  And then we have to integrate them, turn them into a way of life that continually brings us back home.  Back to the path of the Divine.
Back to knowing that we are divine and everything we want can be ours.”
… and That’s The Truth!!
*** I hope  you enjoyed that post. I’m an avid learner and have a few prize mentors, of which David Neagle is one. His Brain Entrainment and Millionaire Mindset work is top notch and he cares. I love his work and he’s a great author … reminds me of me! 🙂  Thanks David!
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