The Power of Decision

The Power of Decision!

All of the greats (Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Marianne Williamson, Iyanla Vanzant) have said that when you decide a thing, you have engaged the power of Source, God, the Universe, to assist you in making it happen. The Power of Decision! It’s electrifying!

What do you want to happen in and for your business in 2014?  Do you want to double your income? How about earn the revenue to pay the cost of the business acceleration program that will help you double, triple or even quadruple your income?  Decide.


Why do you want what you want?  If you’ve clearly defined what you want for yourself, you must now give thought to why you want it. How will you benefit from gaining what you desire?  Who else will benefit and how will you know that they’ve gotten what you intended them to have? Decide.

Decide how you will do what it takes to build the momentum to cruise through doing your work with ease.  Cruising doesn’t mean you let go of the wheel, but even driving in cruise control, you must do your part to steer the car.  Decide how committed you will be to doing what you need to do, and do it.  Decide.

Knowing what you want and making a firm decision about it begins the process of informing your subconscious mind and the Universe that you are ready.  Beyond that, you must know that in deciding, you have enacted a Power that can work beyond whatever you can think or ask.

Increase – How to Make It Happen!

I had a great conversation with a client (friend) recently when we talked about one of my recent BIZ From a Hawk’s View posts on “Increase”.  Here it is.  Read it and then I’ll tell you what really struck me.
BIZ from a Hawk’s View … Increase, a novel concept? We think about it … more good, more love, etc. but the key to receiving great increase is in the speaking of it. Say it Loud and Proud. Mean it. See it. Know it’s happening. The magic and miracles are in seeing it when it’s happening, but 1st it must be in the saying of it!
Declare Increase
That was my post and the picture afterwards was for me, equally as compelling.  There is a way to make increase occur and occur in a way that’s exponential. There are many ways to plan for it, but only one way to make it happen.
I could talk to you about the Laws of the Universe, which I will do at some point soon, but not right now.  I could talk to you about having the systems and processes to not only plan for great increase, but to plan for what you will do with that great increase.
I could talk about the increase in money, in your bank account, clients, resources, the increase in your team.  I could talk about the increase in health, in the liveliness of your life.  I could talk about the increase in your energy and your Divine vibrational power.  I could talk about how increase can show up in so many ways in your life and in your business, but the truth is … my talking about it will not help you to realize it.
The key to receiving great increase in any part of your life or your business is to speak it into existence.
Many people can resonate with this sentiment and brush it off to say that it may work for some, but not for everyone. That too is true.  If you speak it or not, when you don’t believe it, or you believe it may be difficult, it won’t happen … not like it could.
Do you want more? Do you want increase in your business? More clients, more revenue, more great deals on the things you need to buy for your business (less expenses), then you must speak it.
Whether you want more love, more sexiness, more patience, understanding, focus, assertiveness, more life … speak it.  Speak it and watch the magic of combining what you speak with what you believe (both Laws of the Universe), then you will see the miracles happen.
Speak it out of your mouth, not once but daily and if you start out with a low level of belief, continuing to speak it will cause your belief to increase. When you start seeing things happen, you’ll belief even more and you’ll see you’ve had an increase in Faith!
As my friend and mentor, Caterina Rando, Coach, Speaker Mentor and Publisher says with pride … “Say it Loud and Proud!” Be your best self. Create your plan for your business, speak the words of success and empowerment over it daily, act boldly doing your business by taking inspired action daily and I’ll celebrate with you as you tell of the miracles that have happened.
Here’s to You Living Your P3 Life and Have your P3 Business!
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V. Lynn Hawkins “The Money Girl” is an intuitive business coach and strategy development muse with a gift of co-creating with business owners to help them get positioned, seek funding, and grow their business to the next level, allowing for an increase in revenue and Purposeful Profits.  She has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate lending, sales, leasing, property management, construction development, organizational development, team building, and business strategy and development. She’s an advocate that every business owner have a business plan that they’ve written themselves, being fully vested in the vision of their business.
Lynn is an author, a teacher/trainer, and a creative, collaborative connector of small business owners with others who can add to their business success.  She firmly believes that business owners must have the mindset that’s aligned with their business goals and she employs the tools and techniques that allow for the ease and flow of the integration into the business strategies.
Lynn has shared the stage with many great mentors, including PJ Van Hulle with Real Prosperity Inc; Jesse Koran co-owner of Multi-Million Dollar ‘Rejuvanate Training Inc”; Caterina Rando of Thrive Coaching and Publishing; Jeff Slayter, entrepreneur and transformational business mentor; Heidi Sloss, coach and author of “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”; and Sylvia High, transformational coach, to name a few.
Lynn is co-founder/co-organizer of the Entrepreneurial Mastery Retreat and hosts the Journey to Mastery TeleSummit Series events where she brings other experts in an environment that supports the growth and abundance of small business.  She is a speaker on the topics of prosperity in business and life, as well as women’s empowerment.
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