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V. Lynn Hawkins, Business Coach, Funding Expert, Private Funding, Business Consultant

“The Money Girl”

Business coach, V. Lynn Hawkins, helps entrepreneurs achieve Purposeful Profits in their businesses, along with joy and peace of mind in their lives.

Lynn is helping small biz owners through the challenges of business development and planned growth, by teaching and coaching them through writing their own business plan while in the process of developing their 6-7 figure client attraction journey.  She is also adamant that business owners learn the strategies and actively apply for grant money and other business capital in line with their growth strategies.


Is your VIVID VISION written! Are your GREAT GOALS exhilarating and energizing you to success?  On occasion I share the 7 easy steps to completing the blueprint that can capture your vision and goals so that it excites you to continue your journey to masterfully doing business!

I share with you the exact steps for you to build a business plan.  These are going to be quick and easy steps that any entrepreneur can take to build a business plan that marks a milestone stage of success for you. Whether you’re just getting started in business, you’ve been in business for years without a business plan, or you want to update the plan you did years ago, this information will close the gap between where you are now and where you want your business to go.

For a limited time, you can have access to one of those calls.  Just click the link below for instance access, download the recording, get your pen and notepad, and get this valuable information.


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Don’t have a business plan? Here’s how you can have one the DIY way, that’s easy to prepare and complete to fill your funding or other needs.

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How to Write A Biz Plan without Pulling Your Hair Out or Slitting Your Wrists”

“7 Easy Steps So You Can Get It Done!”

In this ebook, you will get the 7 steps and many of the best strategies that Lynn, the Business Plan Writing Master, shares to help you write your plan, among which you will learn …

– which part of the business plan to write first

– which part of the business plan to write last

– how to compile your SWOT and comparison analysis with ease

– how to get a funding source to read more of what you’ve written because you’re answering all of their questions

Download this informative and fun eBook. Find out the secrets to writing your business plan with ease and produce a plan that works for you and for anyone who needs to read it.



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I look forward to joining you in this co-creative, collaborative community.  REMEMBER … You are Amazing and YOU CAN DO IT!

Believe | Receive | Inspire | Prosper
V. Lynn Hawkins,
Coach & EFT Practitioner

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