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Would you like to easily bring $10,000-$100,000 into your business?  What would it take to make that happen?  Whatever you’re telling yourself, here’s the truth … it’s not as far away or difficult as you might think.

The eBook you now have access to will give you, the reader, an idea of what funds are available for use that can be considered as ‘Free Money’ and how the world of ‘Free Money’ has changed over time, and will continue to change as entrepreneurs tap into this resource.

If you, like many, thought that only non-profit organizations could obtain and use grant or sponsorship money, that is Not True.  I say that delicately (yet firmly) because I don’t want to give the thought that anyone (including myself) might be taking funding opportunities away from the very necessary funding available for non-profit organizations, most of which are doing amazing things and helping so many people. That is not the case, nor is that what this is about.

The information is being given to help For-Profit Business Owners to understand what is available, how this type of funding has come to be available, how business owners must position themselves, their project and/or program, and encourage  you to seek out these funding resources today.

My mission is to have every entrepreneur know that there are grants, sponsorships and now, there is a source of funding, in particular, donation based crowd funding, that serve to provide funds to meet the for-profit business needs and desires as these businesses go about doing good in the delivery of their goods and services.  These funds are also available to meet the needs of these businesses as they reach out into the communities in which they live and conduct their business.  It is the people behind the business that is the important element to keep in the forefront of thought.

Use this LINK to get information the NEXT “Show Me The Money – FREE Money for the For-Profit Business” Webinar or Live Event.

It is the people seeing the needs of those they interact with that has prompted me to take the time and effort to provide this information, and I do so with the sincere hope that those reading it will get more inspired, more motivated, and get active to obtain and use the money that is available for the specific and special purposes/needs it can meet.

  SHOW ME THE MONEY_FreeMoneyForYourBiz_eBook


Also available to you is the encore LIVE interview I did with  MARIA SIMONE, on Thursday, 9/6/12, who delved more deeply into the information on proven strategies for bringing money into your business.  Whether it’s an extra $5,000 for that marketing project, or $100,000 for your start-up, we talked about the resources available to you and how you can plug in to start the money coming in.

The conversation included business growth strategies you can use NOW, even if you’re “broke”!

Money is available for small business, from conventional bank funding, SBA, private and investor funds, business credit, even grant money; and there are ways to bring this type of money to you, quickly!

  • Are you an entrepreneur trying to get your start-up off the ground?
  • An established business having growing pains?
  • Do you have a desire to launch an invention, service, book or information product but lacking the resources to do so?

“Regardless of what you’ve heard in the media about the economy … the MONEY has not left the planet.  There are plenty of resources out there for you to access AND this is a great time to be in business” ~ Maria Simone, Business and Funding Strategist

Here are some additional questions to ask yourself to see if what Skyhawk Funding Resources has to offer will fit your needs and goals.  You can even enter the“100mil Funding Challenge” and get help getting the funding you want for your business or project.

Check it out at:

* What would you do with an extra $100K to start or grow your business?

* Would you like to learn what your funding options are as a small business owner?

* Are you interested in discovering how to stop co-mingling your personal finances with your business, and funding your business from personal finances on a regular basis?

* Are you willing to learn business growth strategies you can use even if you’re “broke”!

* Would you like to become a magnet for money, customers and your team with a few simple inspired action steps.

The connections through Skyhawk Funding Resources will help you to determine your exact needs beyond your business plan, and help you position yourself to pursue the option or options that are appropriate for you.

I recorded the 1st FREE Teleseminar with Maria Simone that you can listen to right here, from the comfort of your phone or computer to get the valuable information, and potentially find the answers to what you’ve been looking for in funding options for your business.

To help you get through the first step of this process (determining which option is suitable for you,) this interview with my friend and mentor,  MARIA SIMONE, is where I ask her specific questions so she can share strategies for attracting money, customers and other resources to your business or project, NOW in 2012.

Listen to the 1st Interview here:

MARIA SIMONE, experienced business and funding strategist, presenter, trainer, and multiple entrepreneur who has helped countless business owners, including Les Brown, Sharla Jacobs, and more, get thousands and millions of funding dollars into their businesses.

Here’s what Les Brown said:

“I’ve made millions in revenue over the years but when it was time to expand my media company, I knew I wanted to understand how to bring in additional resources besides using my own money. Maria has a gift for determining what your needs are and crafting strategies that allow you to quickly acquire the funding and resources you need to take your business to the next level.  I can see how my dream will get funded thanks to Maria.” ~Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Radio Host


“I had a great idea but couldn’t go any further without funding for production and marketing. Maria taught me how to attract all the resources I need to grow my business and using her strategies, I put $50,000 in the bank from investors over the past couple of weeks and that’s just the beginning.

I also have the confidence, support and team to finally achieve what I’ve always dreamed of. She has shared powerful, no-nonsense strategies that are easy to implement and WORK. I highly recommend her program.”  ~Stephanie Kozowyk, Founder, ZsuZsi Athletic Company


What would you do with access to $100,000 to start or grow your business?

  • Use it for revenue generating activities such as creating products to sell, invest in marketing, or hire support staff?

THE GOOD NEWS: Regardless of whether you’re a start-up with no revenue, a service professional, or an existing business experiencing growing pains, there are funding resources available to you.

Maria Simone, co-founder of the Prosperity Funding Network and the Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit shares about funding options, sources of funds, what you need and how to get the money, as well as who to work with.

MY GUEST:  Maria Simone, is a Transformational Business & Funding Strategist who helps business owners attract funding, launch their products and create financial abundance.

She has shared the stage with Les Brown, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz and other celebrity trainers, has been interviewed for Success Magazine, Business Week and many other national publications as well as appearing on ABC and Fox TV News. Her book “Passion To Prosperity: Instant Ways To Profit From Your Skills and Talents” is available at

Since leaving the corporate world she’s started 5 businesses and has raised millions in funding for start-ups. She is the Founder and CEO of Passion to Prosperity International and the Prosperity Funding Network. Maria also Produces the Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit (featuring the fundRAISE™ Investor Pitch Event).

HOST:  Skyhawk Enterprises / Skyhawk Biz Coaching and Consulting / Skyhawk Funding Resources

V. Lynn Hawkins “The Money Girl” is a business coach and consultant with a gift of strategizing with business owners to help them get positioned, seek funding, and grow their business to the next level, creating Purposeful Profits.  She has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate lending, sales, leasing, property management, construction development, organizational development, team building, and business strategy and development. She’s an advocate that every business owner have a business plan that they’ve written themselves, being fully vested in the vision of their business.

Lynn is an author, a teacher/trainer, and a creative, collaborative connector of small business owners with others who can add to their business.  She has shared the stage with PJ Van Hulle with Real Prosperity Inc, Jesse Koran co-owner of Multi-Million Dollar ‘Rejuvanate Training Inc”, Jeff Slayter, entrepreneur and transformational business mentor, Heidi Sloss, coach and author of “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”, and more.

Lynn also hosts the Business Empowerment Networking Group and the Blogging and Getting It Done Collaborative Mondays events where she brings other experts in an environment that supports the growth of small business.  She is Co-Founder/Co-Organizer of the NEW Entrepreneurial Mastery Retreat.

Listen to my 1st Interview with Maria.



V. Lynn Hawkins   “The Money Girl” 408-758-8868 /

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