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As an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all of the things that you feel you could or “should” do to grow your business. Now Breathe!

Let’s do it BIG in 2016!  Let’s do it with a more powerful intention!

In the BIZ Info Zone and through the P3Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, there’s so much good stuff that’s coming up in 2016. 

At the end of the year, I always go through setting new milestone goals, but only after looking at the year in review … what worked, what didn’t work, what cost me money, what I didn’t spend money on that I had a desire for, and whether my higher causal purpose was realized in what I did.

Big, huh??

Maybe not so big, just intentional!

Have you set your intentions for 2016?

If not, take an hour and give it thought, then write them down.

The power of putting pen to paper to set your Intentions will yield results you couldn’t imagine.  

Intentions are different than goals, and I highly recommend setting goals as milestone goals.  I’ve seen businesses do twice as much as they projected because of setting milestone goals.  

Couple milestone goals with intention and it will result in some magical miraculous things happening. 

For me, my intentions are few yet powerful:
[1] Introducing you to the power in the 12 Practices(TM) of Accelerated Business Development curriculum of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship,

[2]  Bringing you a dynamic lineup of interviews for the 2016 BIZ Info Zone Show Series, like we had in 2015: Bob Burg, Karim Hajee, Natalie Ledwell, Dame D.C. Cordova, Sheryl Sandberg, Gina Gaudio Graves, Jack Humphrey, David Bullock, Dr. Monikah Ogando Halsey, and Joe Rubino, just to name a few,

[3]  Enlightening you through the NEW Adventures of the Heart – Building Wisdom Thru Experience” WebTV Show with Co-Host Cynthia Gardner ONeill,

[4]  Help you grow through the Programs, Projects and Resources I’ll be sharing to help you grow your business and add a social enterprise cause to bring the energy of love and service to, and

[5]  I invite you to join me to review the amazing 9 week event, with 9 Celebrity Guests, and the 20 powerful women entrepreneurs who are co-authors of the Permission to Be Powerful book.  Watch the valuable replays of the PERMISSION MOVEMENT EXPERIENCE while they are still available.

Those are my 2016 Intentions and for the spin in my vortex, these are powerful!

What have you set for your 2016 Intentions?

To Your Most Powerful and Prosperous Year EVER!

2016 – Following a Year of Infinite Potential and Possibilities, Doing Our Inspired Implementation and Creating Amazing Things through Expectant Faith!

V. Lynn Hawkins, CEO, Founder and Dean
Purpose and Planning, with Inspired Implementation to Profits! 
“Empowering Individuals and Businesses To SOAR!


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