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Dr. Ina Gilmore and Coach David Sheldon

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Transform Your Caregiving into the Blessing It Is!

What do you do when you are an entrepreneur and a caregiver?
DR. INA GILMORE, MD and COACH DAVID SHELDON, CPC cover the subject and answer the tough questions because you might be surprised to discover you’re a caregiver and an entrepreneur.

The traditional definition of caregivers as someone who cares for an invalid at their bedside, is incomplete.

This discussion contains information on other ways you may be a caregiver, and how to find the strength and confidence of becoming empowered and feeling supported. 

Even if you are not a caregiver now, you likely will be one at some point in your life.  And as an entrepreneur you may have employees who are caregivers.

Rosalind Carter said “There are ONLY 4 types of people in the world.”  Which one are you?  Watch the video and find out.

Discovering the problems caregivers face and their solutions is important for everyone. In addition what you will learn about managing stress and achieving optimal health and wellness for yourself will have a positive impact on every area of your life.
Dr. Ina Gilmore MD and Coach David Sheldon CPC shed light on topics that include:

–Who is a caregiver?

–The Four Fundamental Problems of Caregivers and tips to solve them starting right now
    • Understanding & transforming stress
    • Nutrition & digestion
    • Movement & mobility
    • Sleep

Watch the replay of Dr.+Ina Gilmore and +David Sheldon with Host, +V. Lynn Hawkins on the topic of Becoming and Empowered Caregiver.  See what Dr. Ina says about “Acceptance” and “Gratitude”!


Enjoy the following gifts from Dr. Ina for being a part of the conversation and a part of our audience.  We thank you for joining us!!
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All the calls are recorded, and available for you to listen if you miss a call or want to listen again.

Bonus #2  –  One-on-one Caregiver Strategy Session with David and Dr. Ina. Here you can confidentially discuss your caregiving, and leave with a workable plan for your next simple steps.

“If you are a caregiver now, have been in the past, will be a caregiver in the future, or will receive caregiving, you will be well equipped to help yourself and others by completing this Program. Join David and me as well equip you for your journey!”  ~Dr. Ina Gilmore

Purpose and meaning make each day easier and happier for you and for those to whom you give care.  On a deeper level they transform the experience and lives of everyone you touch.

Join the Fundamentals & Foundations for Caregivers Program now. 


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