Deliberate Creation Blueprint – 4 Spiritual Laws

Deliberate Creation Blueprint 

to Uplevel and Create the Business and Life You Desire

Have you ever wanted something wonderful, something important, and you wanted it really badly and gotten it? Like nailing the presentation, miraculously finding what you wanted to create that sacred space in your home, or landing that big deal for your business, in the Nth hour!
It left a lasting good feeling with you, right?
Have you ever NOT wanted something really badly and gotten that? While it didn’t feel the same, actually it felt the opposite, but the same Laws were at work. The same lasting feeling was made.
There are Universal Laws working constantly. Laws we know about like the Law of Gravity, and laws we aren’t so familiar with. These laws work constantly whether we know it or not, whether we are aware of them or not.  Working with women entrepreneurs has helped Lynn see what can help us to do more, faster, with ease, conquering fear, and with more of a sense of fulfillment. Because of that, Lynn  wants to share with you The 4 Spiritual Laws for Deliberately Creating abundance, self-confidence, lasting and sustainable wealth, good health, balance and respect in your relationships.
Join V. LYNN HAWKINS  as she helps you learn the impact of these 4 Spiritual Laws so you can bring more abundance and joy into YOUR business and your life.  This is a Game Changer!
Before this event, you have a chance to get a sneak preview at the FREE TeleSeminar being held from the comfort of your phone or computer.  Here are the details:
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This FREE TeleSeminar is going to be a great prelude to the workshop that’s going to actually take you through each of the 4 Spiritual Laws of Deliberate Creation, and the steps to allow you to make more money, have more fun in your life and doing your work, and create lasting change.
  • Do you find yourself on an emotional roller coaster when something happens with a client, or with family? Anger, or just plain upset and disappointed??
  • Are you an entrepreneur trying to get your start-up off the ground?
  • An established business having growing pains?
  • Do you have a desire to launch an invention, service, book or information product but lacking the motivation to do so?
  • Do you want more of your ideal clients resulting in increased revenue?
  • Have you hit the revenue ceiling and can’t quite push through?
  • Are you afraid of standing out?
  • Are you having trouble releasing the excess weight you want?
  • Do you feel uninspired and demotivated to reach your goals, or even set new goals and you’re plugging along business as usual?
  • Do want to remove the emotional connection to traumas of past that hold you hostage, set you back, or just not let you move forward at the rate you want?
You should know that falling short of your goals, procrastination, de-motivation, missing the mark with the Law of Attraction, and feeling sad or the negative emotions … it’s not your fault!
You are meant to Be Your Best You and Have Everything You Desire!!
The 4 Spiritual Laws of Deliberate Creation:
Uplevel and Create the Business and Life You Desire!
WHEN:      Wednesday, 12/18/13   10am-12pm PT / 1-3pm ET
WHERE:    Your Phone and/or Computer WEBINAR
COST:          $77 per person   (Use Discount Code for $50 Savings)
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What we don’t realize is what is happening to us that causes us to do, or not do some things so we can see the future we’ve worked towards, and visualized.  During this tele-seminar, you’ll find out what’s behind it so you can get in front of it!
* How would you feel having the new clients that could be the difference in whether you feel stressed or blessed?
* Would you like to become a magnet for money, customers and team with a few simple inspired action steps.
* How would you be if you felt you had the ‘Midas Touch’?
Join me as I give you the 4 Spiritual Laws that impact you, especially women in business, and as I walk you through the 5 Steps of Deliberate Creation so you build and implement a plan that will take you and your business ventures to the next level.  In this interactive workshop, you will go through each stage of the Deliberate Creation process, including:
  • How to frame saying what you want in accordance with the 4 Spiritual Laws;
  • How to identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from the flow of what you desire;
  • Release the excuses of I’m too tired, I don’t have enough time, I can’t, etc.
  • How to release the shame, the blame, and the excess pounds, along with the emotional ties that bind you to old ways of thinking;
  • How to remove the blocks to become open to receive money, love and opportunities for abundance;
  • and more.
Whether you know it or not, your reality today is because of your thoughts and actions of yesterday. If you’ve had even one day where you questioned why you did or didn’t do what you knew was the best thing to do, you want to resolve the internal conflict now!
There are a number of ways to manifest, to bring money to your business, your dream relationship or clients, and during this tele-seminar we will focus on a 5-Step Process that you will allow you to Deliberately Create the Life and Business You Dream!
If you’re okay with that … register for this tele-seminar …
and let’s get you set up to
Have The Ultimate Edge for Deliberate Creation!!



 The 4 Spiritual Laws of Deliberate Creation
Creating the Business and Life You Desire With Ease!
(Digital Download)
$4.47 per copy

How is it that some people prosper in all that they do and others struggle, irrespective of the state of the current economy? It seems that some people have the Midas touch and some people hang on by a thread, while others can’t even hold on. I have often asked this question … and I was gifted with answers from Source and science.

In the pages of this book are 4 Spiritual Laws, proven truths, and the stories that will show you how focusing on these can and will change your business and change your life.

It is my sincere desire that the words in this book bring you enlightenment, peace and a clear sense of what you are being summoned to do so God, the Universe and all the forces of nature can support and help you achieve what you desire.


Enjoy the journey of growth and I pray you see the miracles and blessings happen right before your eyes.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

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V. Lynn Hawkins “The Money Girl” is an intuitive business coach and strategy development consultant with a gift of co-creating with business owners to help them get positioned, seek funding, and grow their business to the next level, allowing for an increase in revenue and Purposeful Profits.  She has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate lending, sales, leasing, property management, construction development, organizational development, team building, and business strategy and development. She’s an advocate that every business owner have a business plan that they’ve written themselves, being fully vested in the vision of their business.

Lynn is an author, a teacher/trainer, and a creative, collaborative connector of small business owners with others who can add to their business success.  She firmly believes that business owners must have the mindset that’s aligned with their business goals and she employs the tools and techniques that allow for the ease and flow of the integration into the business strategies.

Lynn is host of the popular BIZ Info Zone WebTV Show where she brings other experts into the zone of support and education for the growth and abundance of small business and social entrepreneurs.  She is a speaker on the topics of prosperity in business and life, as well as women’s empowerment.

Lynn has interviewed  shared the stage with many great mentors, including PJ Van Hulle with Real Prosperity Inc; Jesse Koran co-owner of Multi-Million Dollar ‘Rejuvanate Training Inc”; Caterina Rando of Thrive Coaching and Publishing; Jeff Slayter, entrepreneur and transformational business mentor; Heidi Sloss, coach and author of “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”; and Sylvia High, transformational coach, to name a few.

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