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P3 90 Day Action Planning Blueprint Bootcamp VIDEO
P3 90 Day Action Planning Blueprint Bootcamp    VIDEO
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We’re approaching the end of the year and thoughts are driven to setting things in place to usher in business for the new year.  Year-end planning is a big deal in the corporate world and it is just as much a big deal for every entrepreneur, solopreneur or multi-preneur.
To begin your new year without a clear and detailed written plan is the best way to ensure that you will NOT make the progress, have the sustainable growth, or garner the income that you desire.  I’m not saying you won’t have some great successes, but what if you could have success that is greater than you could ever ask or think?
Having everything you want, having it all is easier than you may think. Let’s catapult your business, P3tapult Your Business into 2014 and here are 3 things you MUST do to make it happen …
1. Decide – The Power of Decision is tremendous! What do you want to happen in and for your business in 2014?  Do you want to double your income? How about earn the revenue to pay the cost of the business acceleration program that will help you double, triple or even quadruple your income?  Decide.
Why do you want what you want?  If you’ve clearly defined what you want for yourself, you must now give thought to why you want it. How will you benefit from gaining what you desire?  Who else will benefit and how will you know that they’ve gotten what you intended them to have? Decide.
Decide how you will do what it takes to build the momentum to cruise through doing your work with ease.  Cruising doesn’t mean you let go of the wheel, but even driving in cruise control, you must do your part to steer the car.  Decide how committed you will be to doing what you need to do, and do it.  Decide.
Knowing what you want and making a firm decision about it begins the process of informing your subconscious mind and the Universe that you are ready.  Beyond that, you must know that in deciding, you have enacted a Power that can work beyond whatever you can think or ask.
2.  Believe – The Power of Belief! You’ve decided, and now you must believe that what you will be working for will, in fact, come to pass.  You must believe that the ‘The Force’ will be with you as you do your part to reach your goals?
Belief is like a medicine that can heal what ails, like:  procrastination, doubt, distraction, lack of focus, and overwhelm just to name a few.  It is also belief that can cause pain if it is a limiting belief, or a disempowering belief.
It can sometimes be difficult to change a limiting or disempowering belief because there are few that we are aware of. When you become aware of a negative belief, you must go through this simple 3 step process to change it:
(1) awakening – be mindful of the thought as you have been awakened to it.
(2) awareness – seek a deeper meaning by understanding where you got this belief. Was it from a parent, sibling, school or church teacher, or did you learn it from observing the actions of someone or something occurring in your past. If the answer doesn’t come to you immediately, don’t worry, it will if you desire it to.
(3) activate change – there are a number of ways you can activate the change of a limiting or negative belief, including using EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, or a process I’ve outlined in my book “The Ultimate Edge Technique for Deliberate Creation”. This technique will help you to quickly get through the change process, reprogramming a negative belief into something positive, powerful and empowering!
3. Do – The Power of Inspired Action! Inspired Action flows when self-motivation meets planning towards accomplishing a goal. Knowing that taking inspired action will blend the energy of purpose and planning and will cause profitability.
The power of these 3 elements, Decision, Belief, and Inspired Action, working in tandem comprise the formula that causes businesses to thrive when it would seem the odds are against them. When there’s a down economy, when it would seem that people should not be buying from you (or anyone else), these 3 energies make magic happen.
It is these 3 energies that come together in my P3 90 Day Action Planning Blueprint Bootcamp.  In this 4-hour intensive bootcamp, you will go from Visioning through Strategy to setting the Inspired Actions to accomplish milestone goals to get you where you’ve set your vision.
Find out more information about the upcoming P3  90 Day Action Planning Blueprint Bootcamp here and drive your Purpose through Planning into Profitability!   ACT NOW. Here are the dates you can take advantage of this 4 hour interactive and intensive virtual bootcamp …
Monday, 2/10/14  from  12-4pm ET (9am-1pm PT)
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Lastly, December is a special time for year for a few reasons and not forgetting the most important, the reason we celebrate this Holiday Season, it’s a time for business as we focus on setting the stage for a successful 2014. This is a time of planning, shifting and moving that makes miracles happen. help you IGNITE 2014 and P3tapult Your Business Success, I’ll be sharing a series of training videos that will give you my Purpose and Planning to Prosperity – P3 5-STEP FORMULA to Do it BIG and Do it with EASE. Check it out and join me! I’ll be posting the videos right here, or you check them out at
Join me to set your next 90 days to be the best 90 days for your business and your life.
IGNITE Your P3 Business and P3tapault Your Success in 2014 with Ease!!
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