Are You Really Listening?

Can you honestly say that you really listen to what people are saying, or do you just think you are listening? Unfortunately, too many people are not listening as attentively as they could.

One of my coaching clients asked me how she could increase the possibilities of getting new customers. I asked her if she considered herself a good listener. She was confused at first, yet it opened the opportunity for a conversation that identified how she was interacting with her clients. She decided she knew what they needed instead of asking what they wanted.

Being a good listener is not just listening to participate in the conversation. It goes a step or two deeper than that. It includes listening to unpack the next piece of information, especially if that information is about what you might be able to offer your clients. It also includes the skill of asking better questions.

One way to know if you are a good listener is to summarize what the person has just said. If you can’t do this, then you weren’t really listening or you can ask a question that creates a little more depth to the answer. This is a quality that good leaders and successful entrepreneurs use and master.

Listening is a wonderful skill to have. It actually helps to improve your personality and makes you more interesting. This can apply to all areas of your life both personal and professional.

Let’s look at how developing better listening skills can help you in your entrepreneurial life. Maybe you are currently not happy with the level of production or revenue in your business and you would love to find more new clients.

By listening attentively while having current client and/or customer conversations, you may hear of a problem they need solved that you can focus on. For example, addressing this problem just might be perfect for the focus of your next marketing campaign.

Using the information you receive in conversations with others, you can get inside knowledge, take immediate steps and show your interest by letting others know you have what it takes to solve this problem.

Even if you are not looking to create a new product or program, you could pass on this information to someone you know who is or already solves this problem. This is a fantastic way to have new referrals coming to you. It is a reciprocal effort and can happen so quickly. Someone was paying attention and thought of you, or you thought of them having been a good listener.

By working on improving your listening skills, you can take actions on what you hear before others. Whether it’s solving a new problem that you haven’t been speaking about, referring others to someone who can help, or creating a new product or program so you can solve the problem, your listening has increased your productivity quotient and revenue possibilities.

As others notice that you are paying more attention and listening, your popularity will increase. You will be remembered when others are looking for what you have. You will find yourself building better relationships with your customers and associates. Your ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor will skyrocket.

Another huge benefit of becoming a good listener is that it helps to develop your self-confidence. As you feel better about yourself this automatically affects your personality and every action you take will be a confident one.

Listen More. Earn More. Do More Good!

V. Lynn Hawkins

CEO, P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship

Co-CEO, Positive Impact Makers

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