The P3 Academy presents: Grow from where you are … To Become Your Best You …

If you feel like you’re swimming against the tide and just can’t get ahead, then you’ve got a number of negative thoughts, negative beliefs and blocks that are preventing you from making that breakthrough and getting what you desire in life.

News Flash … It can even get worse, because with all the negative thoughts and beliefs you’ll keep making the wrong choices, and you deny yourself your best, personally and professionally. You can feel like you’re living in the fog of life.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


In the BECOME YOUR BEST YOU Program, you will…

*Identify the root cause(s) of what is limiting you. (Note: There is only one.)

* Replace the negative, limiting and false beliefs and perceptions, some of which you didn’t know you had. 

* Acknowledge and Accept where you are to open the door to becoming more confident, poised, diplomatic and wise.

* Learn to recognize and acknowledge the shifts, and you’ll have the tools to keep growing in a positive direction, becoming stronger, more confident and capable of articulating what you want others to hear.

* Become a better leader and influencer on your job or in your business.

In the program, you will get forms and templates for your use, you’ll be able to role play situations, and all our work is held in the strictest of confidence.

Stop the struggle!

Now is your time. Today is the day you Become Your Best.

Start with downloading a Complimentary Copy of my book. [Just click the link below.]

If you ask does this work?  It works if you’re ready to transform your life, your career, or your business from the known defeated current state, to the possibilities of flow and joy.

Now is your time! Today is the day you Become Your Best You.

Rediscover your Vision!

Reconnect to your higher Vibe!

Release your unique Voice!

Reclaim your authentic Visibility!

In life and in business, stop hiding or being in pain.

Step IN .to. Step OUT to Live Victoriously. 


“Completing the “Become Your Best You Program” and having Lynn as my coach during this program has been extremely invaluable to me for a number of reasons.  Lynn has helped me to identify barriers and key performance issues that were holding me back and preventing the types of results I wanted to achieve in my professional career.  She introduced new ways of thinking and responding to situations that in the past would have stumped me, and she has been so helpful in upgrading my presentation skills and business development. 

Lynn has a unique way of pinpointing the crux of a situation and never failed to leave me with helpful insights, ideas, or questions to ponder. She is patient, exercises foresight, is a top-grade communicator, and has a wealth of knowledge that she is able to uniquely apply to one’s situation so that understanding can be achieved. Since working with Lynn, I have noticed more of a command of my actions and behavior which have resulted in increasingly positive results.  I feel very fortune that I was able to work with Lynn, and I always looked forward to our coaching sessions.  I highly recommend Lynn and the “Become Your Best You Program!”

And I know this works. I was there. I was in the spin or everything happening and nothing working …  at least, until I made the shift that has evolved into this program.

Empowering myself and others is why I learned hypnosis and EFT. It is why I got a coaching certification. 

You are why I do this work.

I’m V. Lynn Hawkins, former corporate executive who studied business, management, leadership and team building. I put what I learned into practice in my 3+ decade career in the commercial real estate lending industry working for large and mid-sized commercial mortgage banking firms, including an 8-year stint at Fannie Mae. I was responsible for building and managing high performance teams, which meant mentoring, being a leader by example and growing leaders.

Also, as an 18 year veteran fitness instructor, having led classes of 50+ attendees at a time, at various fitness levels, I practiced leadership with a higher degree of responsibility than most ever experience in life or business. I am a certified life/business coach, EFT, NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner. I’ve learned much from my own experiences and the personal work I’ve done to impact and improve my own life.

Add that to what I learned from others who I’ve coached who said the work we did together was so transformational for them. 

I created the Become Your Best You Program with affordable access so anyone can do this work to transform your life.

Here’s what others are saying …

“It took me a long time and a few conversations with Lynn before I decided to do the program, yet I took a leap of faith. Not only did Lynn help me shift some deep negative beliefs, I got a promotion that doubled my salary within the first 6 weeks of our working together. I am more confident and I believe the flow of abundance and joy has been opened up in my life.” C. Shaeffer, Orlando, FL

“I was depressed, indecisive and stuck. I asked my friend if she knew anyone who could help me and I was led to connect with Lynn. Working with Lynn was one of the best decisions of my life because I’m a different person after just 12 weeks. I know there’s more work to do, and I feel like I can do it. I even enrolled for a second 12 weeks to make sure I didn’t lose any momentum and so we could focus on communication and confidence next. If I had to sum up the results in 5 words, they would be … what Lynn does really works. Thank you Lynn!”  Sandy Wright, Portland, OR

“I signed up with Lynn because she was highly recommended to me by a friend. As a woman entrepreneur, I felt tired and unmotivated to do anything. I almost began looking for a job. Lynn helped me see the vision for my business in a way I never saw before. She helped me find my confidence and look at endings and beginnings so I could move through them differently. I’m so grateful for what Lynn has taught me. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in growing their business but feels stuck. She has the tools, uses them and teaches you how to use them too. Thanks Lynn.”  Althea Jeffers, Jeffers Consulting

So, are you ready to Stop the Struggle and Step IN to who you are meant to be?


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No More Underearning.  Start Earning More to Do More Good!

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To your massive P3 Success!

The P3 Academy Team