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The Ultimate Edge Technique(TM): Reprogram Limiting Beliefs to Bring in the Moolah and Increase Your Profits

Create the Life and Biz You Desire!

==> Want more money in your biz and life?

==> Want to stop the thoughts of judgment of others … and yourself?

==> Hit that revenue ceiling and can’t quite push through?

==> Scared you’ll fail, or worse that you’ll succeed?

==> Just can’t let go of that 1st or last 10 or 20 lbs of excess weight?

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these, you want to read more …

If you’ve asked yourself why you aren’t getting what you want, if your self-talk is making you question who you are and doubting that you’ll get what you want, you must check out the call replay and the information below taking you into amazing insight and transformation … and it’s all FREE.

Recently, V. Lynn “The Money Girl” Hawkins presented:

“The Ultimate Edge: Reprogram Limiting Beliefs to Bring in the Moolah and Increase Your Profits to Live the Life, and Have the Biz You Desire!”

If you’ve ever wondered, or had the experience and know how your inner game serves you so you can have what you want in your outer game, you understand that your new job, your ideal paying clients, that special relationship is there and that your inner game (your self-talk) can be holding you back.

If you listened to the call, you learned

–> How your current reality is a result of your yesterday thoughts and beliefs;

–> How the brain works;

—> Where the mind chatter comes from and how to stop it;

–> Your self-sabotage can be corrected easily;

–> Your days of procrastination can end NOW;

… and you learned about Lynn’s 5 step blueprint formula for changing the negative self-talk and the disempowering beliefs that are a part of the chatter you hear into the positive, affirming, self-directed, inspiring, and motivating empowering beliefs that will allow you to be open to receive.

Your failures are not your fault!

You heard about the simple way to reprogram the negative chatter to give you the Ultimate Edge … the technique for Deliberately Creating the Life You Dream!

As my gift for your being on this page and listening to that call, here’s what you get …

(1)  Download V. Lynn Hawkins’ amazing Ultimate Edge Technique for Deliberate Creation(TM) eBook and Script that you can use anywhere any time.  This technique can change limiting beliefs, empower you with positive beliefs and change your mindset for success and achievement.

You may have heard Brian Tracy, Joyce Meyer, and many others say “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!”  Here’s your chance to learn the 2-minute technique that you can employ anywhere, any time, to change your mind and ultimately change your life.  (Soon to be selling on Amazon.com.)

Download it here:

5 Step Ultimate Edge Technique for Deliberate Creation(TM)

(2)   Join Lynn on a virtual Deliberate Creation Journey of Discovery and empowerment in the

Deliberate Creation Blueprint TeleWorkshop:
5 Steps to Create the Vision to Go from Life Now to Living the Life and Having the Biz You Dream Of

If you want to learn an easy way to reprogram limiting beliefs to manifest what you want and to maximize your profits, including doubling or tripling your income, join V. Lynn “The Money Girl” Hawkins as she delves deep into …

>> How the brain works;

>> How to write milestone goals statements;

>> How to identify limiting beliefs, release the excuses, the guilt, the shame, the blame, the excess pounds, along with the ties that bind you to old ways of thinking;

>> How to remove the connections to traumas of the past that hold you emotionally and block you from releasing to open and receive money, love and opportunities for abundance;

>> How to identify the dream in this 3 step process [vision / milestone / first step] and move forward

>> How to tap into the subconscious mind to create what you want; and

>> How to use this one simple technique that will make changes that you will be amazed to see.

WHEN:        TBA

WHERE:      Virtual from you phone or computer

COST:           $97  (Use Code “BIZ” to get $50 OFF)

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Give yourself the gift of learning to:

  • Reprogram your brain and accomplish things that may have previously seemed hard or overwhelming
  • Suspend your disbelief and reach any weight goal with ease
  • Earn more money through that job or business venture
  • Create a Divine Map to manifest the vision for your life and/or business; and
  • Become highly attractive and desirable to draw opportunities, clients, and ideal relationships to you.

I am so excited to have you join me as we go through this transformational journey to You being your Divine Self and on your purposed mission without any further delays or pain.

V. Lynn Hawkins “The Money Girl” – Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author SKYHAWK Enterprises Biz Coaching and Consulting https://skyhawkenterprises.biz