How To Write a Business Plan

Without Pulling Your Hair Out or Slitting Your Wrists!
** 7 Easy Steps to Getting It Done **

 by V. Lynn Hawkins, “The Money Girl”  Intuitive Business Mentor, 
Strategy Development Muse, Author, Trainer, Speaker 

There are a number of ways to get your business plan done. There’s …
  • the DIY (Do It Youself) way,
  • the DIWH (Do It With Help) way, and then you can
  • Hire Someone (HS) to do it for you.
Known for helping business owners understand the value and benefits of having a business plan, Lynn clearly and easily shows you how to put your business plan on paper, as well as understand the money side of business and how success in business is more than just making money.
Successful entrepreneurs create money in their business.  Lynn has a gift of helping you vision it, see it, and open for the Universe to support you in receiving it!
Any way you choose to write your business plan, you’re doing a few things:
1. You are expending the energy to pull together information and define where you want your business to be in the next 3, 5 or even 10 years. This visionary positioning allows the Universe to assist you in your business growth.
2. You are vested in setting the direction for your business growth. When you write your plan with milestone goals, you can achieve them without getting stuck or going off track.
3.  You are positioning yourself for systemic and sustainable growth that will come to you faster and easier … even setting yourself up to gain business financing or other funding, like grant money or other investor funding.
Yes, all of this is possible because you have a business plan.
You’re invited to attend a Live Virtual Session on Google Hangouts on Air,  where Lynn shares how to write a successful business plan without the pain that causes most to not undertake the task.
“Without a business plan, entrepreneurs limit the possibilities of business growth
and the success of their business. It can be as long or as short as you’d like, or need it to be. 
You just want to Get It Done!” ~V. Lynn Hawkins
To create your business plan, you’ve created a valuable and energetic document that you are truly vested in.
“It’s your vision board for your business!” ~Susan M. Davis, multiple entrepreneur, 
Leader of the Co-Creation through Contribution Movement
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How To Write a Business Plan Without Pulling Your Hair Out or Slitting Your Wrists  
by: V. Lynn Hawkins, Intuitive Biz Mentor & Strategy Development Muse

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