The Heart of Business

What is the Heart of Business?

In a word … Serving!

Relationships are about reciprocation and not necessarily in perfect balance. Sometimes you give without receiving, yet you know that you will receive when in faith.

Sometimes you receive without giving. That is okay and something you are worthy of having happen to you.

In this reciprocal relationship is Flow. There is no seeking of what is not already seeking you. To give and to receive is intentional seeking from the heart.WhatYouSeek_Rumi_012516

Sometimes you receive and you receive, and you receive. Allow it to flow knowing that you will be granted to opportunity to pay it forward, or return an exchange of value for what you received, or through a source that blessed you. Breathe it into your heart.

This giving and receiving is what I now call Heart Ventures.

Your heart is what says give when it doesn’t quite make sense to give. When you stand in faith, you are fulfilling your part of a relationship, with your highest self, or someone else.

Your heart is what says receive when it may seem out of the ordinary. When you are in the space of receiving, in gratitude, the energetic frequency you are in serves you and others to the highest degree.

OpenHearts_OpenHearts_Heart_030115Heart Ventures are about building relationships, especially those in business that are mutually beneficial. It’s in these relationships that we serve, where the ultimate desire is for the customer’s epic experience. 

Identifying the strategies and the creative ways of making those connections are serving opportunities that have far reaching rewards.

What are you giving? What are you receiving in business? Are you seeking those relationships in order to do more of being in service to your clients and customers?  (Especially those who may not yet know you?)

This is the Heart of Business!  

Giving and receiving. Giving your valuable products/services and receiving value in exchange. 

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Be Empowered to SOAR!


V. Lynn Hawkins, CEO

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