Meet  V. Lynn Hawkins, The Money Girl!”

Transformational Business Coach, Intuitive Business Development Strategist, Multiple-Entrepreneur, NLP, EFT and Hypnosis Practitioner, Co-Author of “Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!”, and author of

> “How to Write a Business Plan Without Pulling Your Hair Out or Slitting Your Wrists“;
> “Show Me the Money – How a For-Profit Company Can Get FREE MONEY!”;
> “The 4 Spiritual Laws of Deliberate Creation“; and
> “The One Tap Solution – An Ultimate Edge Technique for Deliberate Creation”.
V. Lynn Hawkins, Business Coach, Funding Expert, Business Consultant

“The Money Girl”

After spending 30+ years in the corporate arena focused on team, process and program development, project management, organizational development, and coaching, Lynn brings her gifts, knowledge and talents to the entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their business systems and their bottom line.

The former Silicon Valley, California based Intuitive Business Coach, Consultant and Development Strategist, V. Lynn Hawkins, helps entrepreneurs build and position their business for growth using the business plan philosophy and structure, along with setting, tracking and adjusting to sound yet stretch milestone goals.

Now residing in Atlanta, GA, Lynn is helping small biz owners through the challenges of business development and planned growth, by teaching and coaching them through writing their own business plan while in the process of developing their 6-7 figure client attraction journey.  Her P3 (Passion and Planning to Prosperity) Diamond Coaching System is designed to take purpose-driven women entrepreneurs through the stages of business development that ensures they have the confidence and the conversation that easily brings revenue so they can fulfill their passion and purchase.

In 2014, Lynn launched the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship focused on building awareness and business through the 5 core systems of a social enterprise and business mastery.

The Academy curriculum includes:

  • Learn and practice the 2 jobs of a Leader
  • Become your 10X CEO
  • Obtain your 501(c)3 including application completion and submission guidance
  • Budgeting your for-profit business venture
  • Crowdfunding strategies and pitch practice
  • Mindset and Money – living an abundant lifestyle, having an abundant business
  • and more!


Adamant that for-profit business owners learn the strategies and actively apply for grant money and obtain other business capital in line with their growth strategies and funding needs, Lynn’s “Show Me The Money” eBook reveals the secrets to getting this money. The book shows several innovative ways to obtain business funding, including a glimpse into the newest crowd funding strategies.

Speaker, presenter, teacher, and intuitive business coach sharing the message of empowerment and success in business through creating Purposeful Sustainable Profits, Lynn helps her clients design the strategies to move business forward through achievable milestone goals.

Lynn is Co-Author of the 2011 Release: Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire currently available HERE and on Amazon.com.  women-entrepreneur-extraordinaire-book_coverShe is working on her second book, a practical how-to guide and an inspirational work about the journey of business ownership for the woman entrepreneur who must persevere through the challenges of life and her past, and walk in grace through the fire to building the life and business of her dreams.

Lynn is also author of these unique and powerful eBooks:

“How to Write a Business Plan Without Pulling Your Hair Out or Slitting Your Wrists – 7 Steps to Getting It Done With Ease”, a systematic and practical approach to writing your business plan easily, cutting the fluff and the bull to get the right information included in this very important piece of work; and


“4 Spiritual Laws of Deliberate Creation” where she not only outlines the Universal Laws and how they impact creating the life and business one desires, but she unveils this simple technique …

The One Tap Solution – An Ultimate Edge Technique(TM) for Deliberate Creation that can be used to transform limiting negative beliefs into powerful, empowering beliefs that change thoughts and open the universal flood gates to create beyond the imagination.

Use The One Tap Solution, a simple yet powerfully effective 5-step process that can be done in 1-2 minutes to change physical and emotional reactions to events, and to change limiting negative beliefs around money. Most of all, use it to take your life from Heartfelt Imagery to Living the Reality of all that you dream!


Lynn expresses her passion to change limiting beliefs and is helping individuals, and business owners in particular, to tap into abundance and clarity with her “Prosperity Circles”. The current focus is teaching Universal Laws and “The Art of Manifesting“. She also teaches groups to craft and implement powerful manifests. 

“V Lynn Hawkins is a masterful speaker. She motivates the group to look at the bigger picture. V Lynn Hawkins provides well crafted tools that are easy to utilize to propel the participants to action. She engages the audience and encourages participation.
I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation to our group and everyone enjoyed and was encouraged by the information she provided. If you need to help your group see the bigger picture, you need V Lynn Hawkins.”
~Jean Hooks, Executive Director, Mastery for Women – Successful Thinkers Network

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V. Lynn Hawkins, Intuitive Coach, NLP, Hypnosis & EFT Practitioner, Founding Member IMPACT Coaches Federation, Member of Womens Speakers Association, and Expert/Member of OSBO (The Organization Supporting Business Owners)

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CONTACT: Skyhawk Biz Coaching & Consulting, Atlanta, GA
Phone: (408) 758-8868 / lynn@skyhawkenterprises.biz


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“Lynn is a gem to work with.  Feeling overwhelmed with the issues of small business startup, I turned to Lynn for advice.  She helps make complex issues manageable.  Lynn provides sound solutions which helped my business open doors months earlier than planned.  Her recommendations on handling business credit and establishing business trade lines was dead on!  Lynn knows her stuff.  We will work with her any day of the week and strongly advise others to do so as well.  Thanks Lynn!”
~Marion Webb, Broker Owner, Webb Solar Realty, Atlanta