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The P3 Blueprint for the Academy of Social Entrepreneurship was designed to help heart-centered, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are great at their craft, but not so much with their business. 

Are you an entrepreneur who has been struggling with …

  • doing good business but slowly,
  • you’ve been sorely disorganized,
  • have a hard time finding workable systems, operational forms, tools, and strategies, and
  • you’re business building speed is reflected in your revenue, slow and steady or slow and unsteady?

Could you utilize the help of an assistant, a marketing or social media specialist, who you may not have to pay?

Are you looking for a way to get the things done to more easily market your business OR communicate about your organization, products or services, but you need help to get unstuck, or to just GET IT DONE?  … LOOK NO MORE! 

Our GET IT DONE Parties are Gatherings to Get Things Done! CLICK HERE to Find Out More

Could you use a capital infusion of $5000, $10,000, $25,000 or $1mil to plug a leak, hire help and get organized, or … produce that signature program, create a documentary or feature length film, publish that book, and grow your revenue with more clients?

When you have a desire to create a financially successful socially conscious businesses and positively impact the world, there are those who would say … it will happen in time. True, yet it’s NOT True!

Time is too valuable to do everything slowly.  So, why not use time to your advantage?Through our working together, we P3 Academy empower entrepreneurs who have the heart of a non-profit and the passion of a start-up, to build business in a holistic framework of rapid and sustainable growth, as a 10x CEO.

We do this by helping academy members learn, practice and embody the business building framework of the 5 Tiers of Accelerated Business Development that incorporate Rick Justus’ 12 Practices(TM) methodology. Building business in this manner allows a CEO the ability to plan the strategy, focus and take the inspired action to grow a business you love, earn more revenue, and do more good in the world.

We focus on two distinct ways to help:

[1] by providing INTERNS as resources to help entrepreneur’s manage the workload of their back office, specifically, Women Veteran Interns. We know it can be overwhelming running a business without the help needed so that specific focus can be given to business growth. 

For Women Veterans who want a chance to see the inside of a small business and help it succeed, this is an exceptional opportunity. And as part of the P3ASE Internship Program for Women Veterans, we are with you both, all the way.

Opportunities can be Paid, Unpaid, Part-Time or Full-Time Internships when you are a part of the P3ASE Internship Program for Women Veterans.

This 90-day program gives entrepreneurs a chance to get the time in help that is a right fit for the entrepreneur and the intern. Find out how you might qualify to get an intern to help you, so you can focus on growing your business by visiting:    http://bit.ly/ewin-interns 

If you’re a woman Veteran who wants to be a part of the Internship Program, visit us and apply at:   http://bit.ly/wvetswin

[2] by determining when and how much capital would be helpful into insert into the strategic plan design that can escalate the return on your investment of time and money. We strategically help you create More Exposure (not Facebook Ads)! More Clients! More Revenue!

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs have is access to capital to grow business. We consider if you can benefit from raising capital to fund a business need or a social impact cause through Crowdfunding.

We create the VISION of your heart’s desire for business, get clear that you’re aligned in the VIBE of your heart, create the messaging that is right for your ideal customer so your VOICE is heard, and create the marketing flow so you can get the VISIBILITY needed to increase your exposure, and your income.

Developing a business growth plan becomes an easy process because Crowdfunding WORX. There are factors that make crowdfunding a great means to get funding for heart-centered entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals to do, things like …

  • fund a capital need for the next stage of business growth
  • cover the editing, publishing and marketing costs for your new book
  • raise the capital to provide a new team member in your business that can add to your growth potential 
  • cover the production and promotional costs for your new film or documentary
  • create residual income opportunities as a result of your campaign

To do that, you must

Get CLEAR  |  Get FOUND  |  Get FUNDED

Consider completing your campaign creation process as part of the Crowdfunding Hacker Mastermind and launch to success.

Here is part of the business development process  …


Define your purpose and clarify your message in business and life

Planning … 

Create your vision and plan a strategy to implement with intention and accountability, to easily and effectively bring your service and value to the world

Prosperity …   

Design and live the lifestyle business of your dreams, while making a bigger difference in the world

*** Knowing the reason(s) WHY you want the business you have, who you serve, and how you can serve to the highest degree is the 1st premise of the P3 Academy.  

We are redefining social entrepreneurship in a way that opens more doors  the small business owner, to have more business to have more of the life of your dreams, and do more good in the world.

“Be the change we wish to see in the world …” 10x your business to impact more and cause sustainable change by what you do, because that’s who you are!


Watch the above video and see what others are saying about the P3 Academy.


Yet you feel you can’t afford it? The truth is, you can’t afford not to have it.

Inquire about the Internship Program for Women Veterans that could get you partnered with a woman Vet who can provide the skilled resources you need. Use this link to find out more and get more information.

 Using an Holistic Framework for Accelerated Business Success begins here with a Focus on a comprehensive, easy to employ system with forms, checklists and worksheets built based on the 3 Laws that Embody the 12 Practices(TM) of Business Acceleration to 10x your Business Growth

[1]  The Law of People

[2]  The Law of Processes

[3]  The Law of Systems

Get all this and more … 

Click HERE to Find Out More About the 

P3 Academy and the 12 Practices(TM) to 10X Your Business



Are you ready to release the reasons You have been holding Yourself back? Are you ready to release why your connections bomb, potential clients walk away, interviews sizzle out, you lose your words, become too wordy, lose your train of thought, or get stuck, stumped, stutter, or stopped … even when you think you won’t?

Woman Warrior Entrepreneurial Goddess of Light, Step Up, Step IN to the truth of who you are … STOP

  • Hiding
  • Fighting
  • Doubting
  • Excusing
  • Crying
  • Screaming and
  • Trippin’

Step Up to Step In to your BIG Business Vision, Vibe, Voice and Visibility. You were made for more and I am unapologetic in Giving us all Permission to be Victorious!!

As human beings, we are a sea of complexities and unless we learn to understand what makes us up and how to shift our thoughts to shift our actions, we will stay stuck in the past, in negative behaviors and living an unsatisfied life.

If you feel like you’re swimming against the tide and just can’t get ahead, then you’ve got a number of negative thoughts, negative beliefs and blocks that are preventing you from making that breakthrough and getting what you desire in business and/or life.

News Flash … It can even get worse, because with all the negative thoughts and beliefs you’ll keep making the wrong choices, and you deny yourself your best, personally and professionally. You can feel like you’re living in the fog of life.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You were born to be Victorious. You were made for more!

This Personal and Professional Developement Program is designed so that each week of the program, you will transform some aspect of what may be limiting you. Through the proven processes and using the tools, you will have everything you need to feel yourself become more … articulate, poised, confident, diplomatic, a high-performance team player, a leader and an example that others will want to model.


P3  Academy of Social Entrepreneurship




One-Year Business Development, Mentoring and Mastermind Program

providing enrolled members the tools, teachers, resources, and opportunities to

 Easily and Effectively Grow Strong, Sustainable Business, increasing revenue and doing more good in the world

through and including …

  • Access to Courses and Workshops
  • Expert presenters doing presentations with Live Q&A
  • Business Development Strategy Sessions
  • Get It Done Workshops
  • Weekly Mentoring and Training Calls
  • Strategic Innovative Joint Ventures
  • Implementing Integration Marketing Strategies
  • Membership and Course Creation Made Easy
  • Authoring and Easy Kindle Publishing for Your Book(s)
  • From Clarity to Cash or More Cash Workshop
  • Connect to Your Cause and Create Massive Wins
  • BIZ Info Zone Shows for the Savvy Social Entrepreneur Access to the Library of Trainings from Notables like: Bob Berg, Natalie Ledwell, Terry and Chief Robert TallTree 

Value … Worth Thousands!

Click Here to Find Out More!


Why Crowdfunding WORX

Crowdfunding provides the opportunity for businesses and individuals to raise funds in a short period of time (typically 30 days) to fulfill their passion and/or need, or fund your favorite cause. 

Positive Impact Makers, in partnership with the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, supports crowdfunding in a unique way. It’s called “disruptive innovation”.  

Join us to explore how you can crowdfund easily, quickly and with those who want to fund you.

Whether you have a business need, or a desire to bring your message more clearly into the world as an author, speaker, coach, mentor, Crowdfunding WORX and I’ve designed the 5 Essential Steps of the Crowdfunding Success Blueprint to help you create your successful campaign. 

Whether you do it yourself, or you hire me and my team to help you, this system has worked and will work for you.


Keep an eye out for the release of Lynn’s new book.

Coming SOON


The P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship has a few alliances that we offer an opportunity to connect with … 

Your Dreams!

P3 ASE … We are creating social entrepreneurs who are making a difference, causing change for the better to all who we embrace in our work and our lives.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, join us for one of our LIVE events. Click HERE to find out more.

To find out more about WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN Buusiness Networking Group Open Monthly Meetings in the North Atlanta area, Click HERE.


Contact us and let us know what we can do to help you move your business forward in our 10X CEO holistic framework, aligned engagement and easy execution.

In grateful service,




V. Lynn Hawkins, Creator of the Permission Movement

Founder and Host, the B.I.Z. Info Zone SHOWS

Certified Business Acceleration Mentor, Strategy Development Muse, Author, Speaker

Founder of the PAcademy of Social Entrepreneurship  and

CEO, Skyhawk Enterprises 

408-758-8868  |  lynn@skyhawkenterprises.biz http://skyhawkenterprises.biz   |   http://p3academy.com

Connect with me:    LinkedIn   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |  Google+

     “The purpose to life is [living] a life of purpose!” Robert Bryne 


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