Write It Down – Turn Your Blog into Your Book

Have you ever experienced reading someone’s story and it totally transformed the way you think about a thing, the way you see yourself, healed from a thing, or you saw ways to make changes about what you want to do next in your life or in business?

Your journey in life and business is your empowering story to be told and the key to your success in life and business.

That is the story of many a woman, or man who has come from what they consider the ashes of life, of a life event or some trauma. While I say ‘life’, business is life. Whether you’ve lost a business, or had a traumatic event with a business partner, you’ve created a story around it. Once over the emotional impact of an event, you’ve created a story to be told. Many times, the telling of something is what infuses healing and opens things for the light to enter and the moving on to begin.

Nonetheless, every story is a story to be told, not as much for the person telling it, but rather for the person(s) hearing or reading it. For an entrepreneur, it’s an empowering process to write about your passion, your business or industry. It’s a greater gift for others to read.

Creating a business blog is to create a series of articles about your passion, process or the industry information you want others to know about. There are several ways to use a blog article, and we’ll talk about that another time. This article is devoted to the energy of the process of writing and the value in sharing the articles you write.

The Richest Place on Earth

You’ve probably heard someone ask the question … ‘Where is the richest place on earth?’

Do you know?

Yep, it’s the graveyard; the place where stories that are billion-dollar ideas, that are cures for infectious and chronic diseases, that are stories of paths to healing, purpose and prosperity that were never shared.

Stop! Listen up… Your story … is a story to be told. Write it Down! …even as much as a chunk of it.

In business, some of the greatest breakthroughs in science, technology and the growth of our economic and cultural systems has happened because people wrote about it.

I was speaking to a friend about this very idea of writing blog articles on a particular topic and at some point, turning them into the chapters of a book. Novel idea, right? She’s always wanted to be an author, yet, never thought it would happen and now, the path has been shown to her, the question becomes, will she do it?

Short stories are some of the easiest sells and some of the most powerful precursors to a longer book. I invite you to take the plunge.

Recall the stories of your life that were transformational and life giving. Recall the stories of your entrepreneurial journey that were at the time, life or death situations, or better yet, the stories about the miracles and the God inspired opportunities that showed up for you that are possibilities for others. Recall the stories you use to support the business blueprints and success systems you share when coaching and mentoring or sharing with others.

Share those stories in the format of a blog article and share them as a personal interest or a business piece.

Remember the graveyard? It wasn’t so much that those stories weren’t told. It was more that they weren’t written down. The days of the storytellers reciting a culture’s history have been long gone. Now, we must have them in print and if we are diligent, we will publish them as well.

Blogging for Self and Other’s Empowerment

Let our connecting here, in this conversation, be your next step of self-empowerment and the key to someone else’s healing, transformation and growth. Let your self-empowerment be another’s prescription for a cure because you took the initiative to write it down, or speak it into video, have the video transcribed, and share to the masses.

While writing a blog article, or a short story, is for the reader, the writing is about self-empowerment and the writer’s continued growth.

Personal, entrepreneurial, and organizational improvement result from the stories being told. Write your views with a goal of educating, informing, and sharing. When read; individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporations can be greatly impacted. It is how they reflect on their own actions and decide to do things differently in the future, designing a future that becomes their continual successes.

Blog Writing Towards Self-Empowerment Helps Develop Necessary Skills

The more you work towards your personal growth, the more you practice a few necessary skills to achieve success. First off, as you work to improve yourself, you’re constantly making and working toward goals. This self-empowerment helps you to become stronger at developing meaningful and achievable goals and sticking to it until you reach them. This is definitely worth journaling about.

Secondarily, you’re developing and strengthening quite a few leadership skills. Self-improvement involves taking a harsh, critical and honest look at yourself, admitting to the problems, and the problem-solving to fix them. It shows personal accountability and allows you to lead by example. That work is always an empowerment process. Sharing those stories, is empowering others, leadership.

Blogging Boosts Your Confidence

You have to be confident in order to achieve success. Constantly reaching milestones and achieving your goals throughout your journey to self-improvement will help to fill you with a sense of accomplishment, thus boosting your confidence. Writing about life or business breakthroughs in a blog article creates a wider reach than writing in your journal. If you are journaling, your journal may be a great place to pull out some blog article ideas.

It also helps prove to you that you’re capable of completing this seemingly difficult task. You know can handle anything someone throws your way, right?? You’re strong and smart enough to break down a challenge into chewable pieces, so you can take it on. This is all necessary in order to achieve success. Add a set of proven systems and use some innovative productivity tools and it becomes a welcomed opportunity to write.

Blogging as a Self-Empowerment Tool Helps You Be Open to Change

Being open and receptive to new ideas, new things, and change are essential to achieving and maintaining success. You have to be willing to address problem areas in your staff or in your business plan and make changes to stay on top. You have to be open to change and to new ideas in order to stay relevant and keep moving forward.

Self-empowerment is the ultimate form of these things. Looking at yourself, identifying problem areas, and then actively working to change them can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. Once you’ve mastered that, the rest just comes second-nature.


Blogging for a Newbie is Self-Empowerment That Can Helps to Make You Relentless to Go After What you Want in Life and Business

The journey of self-empowerment will be difficult, even grueling; at some points. You’re very likely to want to give up. But, if you persevere, not only do you reap the many benefits of stretching to become your best self, you also harness the skill of not giving up.

You stuck it out through one of the hardest challenges of your life or your business and came out better for it on the other side. The rewarding feeling of accomplishment and success will drive you to be relentless towards every challenge you take on, helping you stop at nothing until you reach your goal.

How is Blog Writing a Key to Success?

As explained in the previous sections, the effort to write/blog is a self-empowerment tool that helps develop and strengthen many skills that are essential to achieving success. On top of that, it helps to develop and strengthen many personal qualities, helping to set you up for success.

For example, being disciplined in your desire to produce blog articles shows that you are willing to change, open to new ideas, be understanding, not overly critical, goal-oriented, dedicated, driven, and a whole slew of other things that can help better prepare you for and lead you to the success you desire.

There are many reasons to write blog articles and self-empowerment is merely one thing that you can give to yourself. Every other reason is a benefit to others and that is success in itself.

One of the most appealing reasons is that blog article writing for business will set you off down a path ending in success. It is a business visibility strategy that I encourage and teach to all of my clients as a means to get what and where they desire to be in and through their business. Not only does it help to develop the expert authority status desired, it helps develop and strengthen the necessary skills and habits to be a good leader, achieve your business goals, and enjoy success.

Write It Down and immediately turn your blog into an eBook. Over time, you can create enough content to turn your blog article collection into a longer length book.

It is my desire that you found this insightful and inspirational enough to get you started writing, or continue to write, because while Visibility is Key, Content is Queen!

Here’s to becoming your best through blog article writing!!



Lynn Hawkins is a certified business acceleration coach, consultant and small business funding strategist, specializing in helping entrepreneurs with online marketing to grow business and revenue. As CEO/Founder of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, she coaches her signature 5 Tiers of Accelerated Business Development, courses and programs her audience is asking for. Lynn teaches how to raise capital using crowdfunding and is host of the Crowdfunding Hacker Show now, The Positive Impact Makers Show. She is an author, speaker and an advocate for growing women entrepreneurs and their businesses and is often caught saying “when you earn more revenue, you can do more good in the world”. She believes in creating a living legacy through your work. Her “Goddesspreneur DIAMOND Mastermind” and “Women Empowering Women” live events help women express their vision, vibe, voice, and visibility to live victorious legacy lives, creating and growing legacy businesses.



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