Grant Writing Workshops

Skyhawk Philanthropic Ventures was established to address a need for grant writing services. Not only do we write grants, we conduct workshops teaching the philosophy of grant writing, and we conduct workshops where we actually write the grant specifically to address the client’s (grantee’s) needs and fulfilling the funder’s (grantor’s) requirements.
> Did you know that you DO NOT have to be a non-profit organization to apply for grant funds? There are some funds available for 2011 grant requests, and much more for 2012. SPV has successfully written grant requests for non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses and now is the time to write your grant for 2012 funding.
> Our workshops are targeted to help those who want or are in need of grant funding for such things as …
  • seed money
  • documentary or business development film making
  • job training
  • women’s empowerment
  • cultural diversity
  • cultural arts
  • business development
  • health and wellness (especially to address obesity, diabetes, and other dis-eases relating to youth and adults)
In the next workshop, you will …
> (1)  learn the philosophy and strategy involving grant writing. Whether you are a non-profit organization, or a FOR-PROFIT business, you will see how obtaining grant funds can work for you. For-profit companies are able to receive grant and sponsorship dollars from grant benefactors as long as they address an issue that is a part of the philanthropic mission of the grant funder (grantor.)
> (2)  get the opportunity to WRITE YOUR OWN GRANT  REQUEST. It’s less expensive then paying a grant writer and you get to learn the basic ins and outs of grant writing. A funding source is identified and you write the grant request based on your needs, while tailoring it to what the Grantor is requiring.
> When you complete the workshop, you could have a complete grant request. If anything needs to be added to your grant request, you’ve identified that information (financials, budget, etc.), and you will know exactly where it gets inserted to complete the funding request. You also know how to make the submission (via mail, email, or online submission.)
> If you thought grant writing was something you couldn’t do, this will change your mind!  Register for the upcoming workshop and see the additional details regarding the current funding source and the DEADLINE TO APPLY using our secure eventbrite registration link.
** Write Your Own Grant Request Workshop
TOPICS: Seed Money, Biz Development, Women’s Empowerment, Job Training, and more!
** NEXT Workshop COMING SOON …
Non-Profit orgs should attend to find out how you might be able to generate income for your org by just being in the room and while you learn how to write an application to benefit your own non-profit organization.
After you’ve learned the strategy, you’ll write a grant application that could get funded.
**Workshop #2 …
**PRICE:       Each Write Your Grant Workshop $197 per person
***Non-Profit Org  $147.00 (Non-Profit orgs should attend to find out how you might be able to generate income for your non-profit org by just being in the room.)
****  Email Lynn or Contact the person who provided you this information for a Discount Code and SAVE $50.00 per person
> Plan for your next funding opportunity by submitting your grant request NOW!
A funding source will be selected and there is a DEADLINE TO APPLY.  See the detailed information at the registration page.
WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (10am to 12pm )
9:45am  –  Registration
10:00am  –  Introductions  /  Logistics
10:30am  –  Grant Writing Strategies
11:30am  –  Grant Research
12:00pm –  LUNCH
12:45pm  – Grant Application Overview
1:00pm  –  Write Your Grant Request
2:45pm  –  Workshop Wrap Up
3:00pm  –  END
> As an Entrepreneur, Biz Coach, Consultant, NLP and an EFT Practitioner, it’s my mission to help small business owners and organizations to improve their businesses.
> Whether it’s seed money, or dollars to fund a specific project that has a lasting impact on your business and the community, you are the perfect candidate for one of these workshops.
> It will also allow us to have fun while doing serious work.
Contact Lynn with any questions at 408-758-8868 or via email at