Your HEART Ventures

What is the Heart of Your Business?

In a word … Serving!

Heart Ventures are about building relationships, especially those in business that are mutually beneficial. It’s in these relationships that we serve.  Identifying the strategies and the creative ways of making those connections are serving opportunities that have rewards.

Your Heart Ventures presents its first Masterclass in the “Fulfilling Your Potential” Masterclass Series to serve the conscious entrepreneur who want to do more for clients.  Serve and be served by attending the CONNECT MasterClass … 2-1/2 Days of Content filled instruction …

The CONNECT MasterClass will includes:

— Align With Your Purpose to Grow Business

— Story Leverage – Your Story Connects the Dots

— Emotional Intelligence “EQ” 101 for Entrepreneurs

— Right Brain Creativity + Left Brain Strategy = Rockstar Branding

— The Vortex Model of Doing Business

— Optimizing YouTube for Marketing

— Heartmonics and Harmonizing Your Business

— Growing Your Community using Skype

— Inside Google Hangouts On Air for Program Delivery

— Conscious Entrepreneurs Fulfill Social Enterprise Responsibility

— A New Way to for Facebook Marketing

— The Amazing Traffic Vortex – Let It Spin !!

— Creating, Promoting and Managing Your Memberships and Courses

You don’t want to miss this.  The success stories are real, the practical tools are proven, the workbooks are a bonus, and the virtual interaction means faster integration.

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The venture of gaining clarity about what brings harmony into business and into our lives. It’s the knowing that heart is our unique signature (One Heart – One Business) and when connected to others, we can collaborate to create powerfully in service to others (Many Hearts – Many Businesses) making a major contribution in the world and leading a more meaningful life.

*MISSIONConnect /  Collaborate /  Create / Contribute

To share the 4 C’s of Heart Ventures for business owners to create and harmonize new relationships that lead to new and sustainable business opportunities with ease and flow, while making a meaningful contribution in their circles, communities, extended communities, and in the world.

How Your Heart Ventures  began …

I have had the awesome opportunity to create a Heart Venture with Cynthia Gardner O’Neill, a business associate and friend who speaks to the core of business … heart!  It is with the thought of helping others attain what they desire and in doing so, achieving what I desire. It is the practice of adding value and co-creating with someone I love, admire and respect, and who I have fun with in the process.

Cynthia is the founder of the Center for Loving Consciousness and the Creator of Heartmonics(TM).  She helps individuals to find the center of it all, from the first cell upon conception, the HEART.

We had the opportunity to discuss the Heart of Business in great detail in a Special Thanksgiving Broadcast of the BIZ Info Zone Show.  We talked about the heart as an organ and in comparison to business. We even talked about how bringing heart into business to have a healthy business in 2015 and beyond.

The conversation was so much fun.   Here’s the video for you to enjoy the conversation as well.

Since then, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to interview Natalie Ledwell, Co-Founder of Mind Movies, Creator and Host of The Inspiration Show.   We talked about how she’s implemented the social enterprise model into what Mind Movies is doing to make a greater impact in the world.  It’s truly a Heart Venture for the Mind Movies ownership, and it sets an amazing example for the Mind Movies family to see that it is being done.

Now, I offer you a sincere thank you for visiting this page and hearing the message.  Has this touched you in a way that will support you taking your message further?


Calling ALL Coaches, Teachers, Speakers, Authors…

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Be a part of the conversation. Course creation and membership sites are more than a craze, they are necessary.  Get your message out and make a bigger difference in the world.

Do your friends a favor … comment and share!  

As Cynthia say … “Why?  Because you CAN!”  

Notice that your heart brought you here and I’d love for your heart to take this further.

Thank you for listening to your heart.

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