Entrepreneurial Mindset – Heart and Impacting Lives

How will you know when you’ve arrived at the door of success? There are probably a few things that will let you know, each having varying levels of excitement for you and those whose company you’re in. It also depends on how you define ‘success’ for yourself.

I recently got introduced into a group of well-respected and amazing people who are braced to open the door to making such a huge impact in the lives of others and  in the world. I’m honored, excited and grateful to be a part of such a powerful group. This group is the Impact Factor Movie team.ImpactFactorMovie_Banner_040515

The dream and brainchild of Ken McArthur, a giant in the world of entrepreneurs, Ken has brought a vision of letting the world know that people are making an impact on the lives of others and we’re asking the world to tell us …

Who has had a positive impact on your life?


What did they do to deeply impact you?

If you’re someone who wants to answer that question and be a part of a movement that will have a tremendous impact on others, then

Give Yourself Permission to Be Powerful

and let the world know your answer.  Write it down, send me a video, or blog about it and call me out in your blog so that we can make an impact together!

Here’s some of my story. A story of the entrepreneurs mindset, fear, transformation, heart, and impact and I’m calling out some of those who have made an impact on me and my business …

My life is pretty amazing right now. I am truly blessed, highly favored and grateful beyond words! The people who have poured into and made an impact in my life are many.  Because I’ve gone through and overcome much in my lifetime, even breaking some attachments that have released my family lineage from the pain of fear, lack and self-destruction for generations to come, there is a story I’d like to share with you now …

Always having been a go-getter, even when in the grips of fear, don’t ask me how … I just did it even though I was afraid.  I’ve done much in my life in spite of the fear, yet what I draw back on much of the time is the successful 18 year fitness career I had. It was a time full of leading some of the largest consistent group classes I’d ever seen. I’m talking about packing the rooms out (100+ people) and getting chastised by facility management because my music and my microphone were too loud. (Right!) I’d even drawn the likes of Evander Holyfield to come play on quite a few occasions. Having fun, sweating and working the physical to the max, I was pushing through the fear. 

 It gave me so much strength and confidence, for a while, if I didn’t go, for more than a day, I felt like Superman/Superwoman standing in a room of Kryptonite … drained and getting weaker. So, I almost lived in the gym. As a single mother of two, my kids and I were the ‘gym rats’ and those who were there along with us (single Moms and single Dad’s, husbands and wives), they were our family. We would break bread together, and talk relationship, kids and work issues in the sauna and steam room. We’d go on adventures and vacations together. While our kids may have gone to different schools, they’ve grown up and are still friends today, as are their parents.

And then I remember as a kid growing up, always hearing the ‘go away’ and interpreting it to mean I wasn’t wanted or worthy of existing. Boxed in so tightly growing up, beaten down so fiercely, I’d come to believe I was a shy person and when I spoke, I lived this timid and fearful demeanor. While the success of my fitness career and almost 10 active years in Toastmasters enabled me to stand tall in venues and circumstances, around executive management tables, and in the left brained world I learned to be a high achiever in, I was still shaking and shaken to my core more often than not.

Again, in spite of it all, I went on to accomplish some amazing things: earning six-figure+ incomes for more than 10 of my 30 year career. Growing business divisions, teams and individuals from the ranks at Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Division to the large bank and private-owned commercial mortgage bankers houses who saw the value of my personal work-horse philosophy.

I even started my own business in 2010 and by mid-year, I was well recognized as an up and coming leader in the local entrepreneurial community, well-spoken and well-spoken of.  I’d gained the nickname, The Money Girl because I taught money in business, business building strategies and innovative money generation strategies to struggling entrepreneurs. I did a lot of live presentations and prospective client meetings to educate and translate that into new business.

I loved what I did. Unfortunately, I was soon one of those who I, the Money Girl, was teaching. I was struggling myself. I realized that the whole money thing was something I was very in tuned with from a left brain perspective, and very disconnected from in my right brain perspective, which was where my soul was crying to live from.

All of the success in business I’d garnered in the corporate world was because I applied my right brain self in a left brain economy and I could inspire and lead high performing teams. I could engage with passion and could influence a room with my presentations. Yet, in the free-world of entrepreneurialism, I was lost and had to learn almost everything new. What was amazing was, I needed to learn the new me … the intuitive knowing that was coming out, yet that I couldn’t trust because it was the newest part of me to be recognized and appreciated.

I remember when I began hosting my first business networking group, “The Business Empowerment Networking Group” (BENG). It was a dream come true and I was in search of speakers and presenters. At the time, I was also part of a leadership group of a non-profit organization, Women of Color Action Network (“WCAN”).  We held a conference twice a year, which gave me access to women who were dynamic and powerful in my eyes.  I was tactical and implementation, and they were the example that I would one day follow to become. They were great mentors and role models. These would be women I would someday be able to connect with to ask them for assistance not for me, but for those who I served, and to speak at my business networking group meetings.

The day came when one of those women, Sylvia High, Master Life Coach, did just that. Sylvia was the example of success, presentation, articulation, heart, and a desire to help women break through the paradigms and belief systems of the past, to be the women of strength and courage we were born to be. She’s been on stages with some of the most prestigious, prominent difference makers on the planet, including recently with the First Lady, Michelle Obama

Sylvia mentored me about how to grow the group. She coached me on her subject matter and her presentation style so I could prepare the promos for her presentation day.  It was probably my 3rd BENG meeting, and I was in the red paying for the food, the venue and the extras for promotions and marketing. If something didn’t break, I would!

The day came, the event happened and I was so disappointed. Attendance was not what I had anticipated, or experienced in many other events, even in the few prior BENG meetings. What had I done wrong?

Sylvia was amazing. Her presentation got a standing ovation, which none of my prior presenters got even with larger audiences. Sylvia hung around to be with me to debrief, having easily read my disappointment. As we were talking, I made the statement that maybe this wasn’t for me. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the same results as others and as I was about to go on in the whine, she stopped me dead in my tracks. With a look of astonishment on her face, she asked me …

Why would you ever compare yourself to anyone else, especially someone, anyone who was so different than you?

Boy, was that an eye opener. You may be thinking that sounded like something no one would question. For me, that was where I came from and that happened all the time. The comparison, the competition, the pitting one against the other … even, especially in school, and in the fitness and corporate world. It was really all I had known.

Then I was able to form and ask my questions, the first of which was … What do you mean? After that and a few other carefully posed questions, I got 2 great pieces of advice that I have held close and that have opened my heart to the amazement that I’ve seen in the businesses of others and my own business ever since …

[1]  There is no room for comparison, especially when the work that you do is for the benefit of others. I’ve learned that comparison restricts, where collaboration expands. Allowing the beauty of your uniqueness to shine, gives the world the best experience of you, and as Zig Ziglar said “Help others to get what they need and want, and you will surely get what you desire.” That’s true valuable reciprocation.

[2]  Don’t hide and don’t play small!  It’s selfish and cruel to yourself and the world to deny your unique gifts from being released into the world. Actually Sylvia said, “How dare you think about taking a step back from sharing your gifts and talents in this world. Who do you think you are?”  Yep, stunned, I wanted to cry and at that moment it hit me … She was absolutely right!!

My thinking was selfish. It was childish and it was living in fear. I’d lived enough of my life in fear and in the shadows and I was not going to be able to realize my dreams when hiding or going in the opposite direction.

It was then that I also realized, I have lived much of my life to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world, and believe I have achieved some measure of success that increases more as the years go on.

The Circle of Success Mastermind Group (2011) was the first mastermind group I facilitated. We were women entrepreneurs growing business with the heart and desire to make a huge difference in the world. While we lost Margaret DiMaria in 2014, each of us has gone on to make our impact in our own unique ways.

(Left to right: Ana Maria Sanchez (CEO, Free the Light Within and Licensed Louise Hay Facilitator), Margaret DiMaria (CEO, DiMaria Graphic Designs), V. Lynn Hawkins (CEO, Skyhawk Business Coaching and Consulting, Julie H. Kalua (CEO, JK Photography)

Yet, if there is one thing that would make the biggest positive difference in my life right now, it is to receive the income that I dream of earning. Why?

My heart’s desire is to make a Bigger Difference in my family, with my work, and in the world. I’ve been gifted with the plan, now is merely to implement and watch God work through me, and allow the abundance to flow. Then it is to teach what I’ve learned so others can more easily make their Impact in and on the world.  

That is My Life, My Dream, My Impact Desire!

As I move forward doing my work through the P3 Academy of  Social Entrepreneurship and Skyhawk Philanthropic Ventures, both SKYHAWK Enterprises companies, and through my Your HEART Ventures Joint Venture, my webtv shows, the BIZ Info Zone Show and the Adventures of the Heart Show, and the many trainings, retreats, speaking opportunities, and books I am writing for publication, I hope and pray our paths cross so that we may positively impact each other and those who stand within our spheres of influence.

You are a blessing to me for reading this.  Now GO! Make a positive impact in the world.

Whether you do something, or you do nothing, you’re making an Impact! You make a difference whether you something or not! 

Do bigger business!

Earn more revenue!

Do more good in the world!

To your massive success!

V. Lynn “The Money Girl” Hawkins
Intuitive Biz Mentor / Biz Strategy Development Muse / Speaker / Author / EFT and Hypnosis for Business Practitioner
Skyhawk Enterprises and Skyhawk Philanthropic Ventures are socially responsible entities that promote the PERMISSION MOVEMENT. A movement that is causing a ripple-effect around the world, inspiring others to give themselves permission to live more empowered lives, to Be More, Do More and Share More as the first major step to personal freedom, success and prosperity. http://permissionmovement.org
Lynn is also the Founder and Dean of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship where she teaches business and entrepreneurial leaders how to connect, collaborate, co-create, and contribute to the betterment of their clients, customer, colleagues and associates to help make a positive impact in the world.  She helps for-profits connect with non-profit organizations to implement strategies that help increase awareness and revenue for both.
Lynn also teaches
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  • how to pull a book from the work you do in your business,
  • how to build a business from start through strategic planning for accelerated and sustainable growth,
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