P3 Premier Group Coaching – 1 Yr Program

P3  Premier Group Coaching Program

 Why a 1-Year Business Development and Implementation Program to Deliberately Create Massive Success In Your Business


How many coaching programs have you been invited to that help you build business and build yourself, while you learn how to engage the Laws of the Universe to give you the edge in creating your dreams with a flow that makes it easy and exciting to do? … and not just the Law of Attraction.

The P3 Premier Coaching Program was designed based on work completed over the decades with individual and group coaching clients. The goal is for you to be successful, in all areas of your life, especially because of the success in your business.

There are hundreds of Universal Laws working in our lives constantly and during this program, you will learn many of them (the Law of Allowing, the Law of Deliberate Creation, the Law of Increase, and more) and how to engage them and thoughts around them for your highest and best good!

Specific thought was given to keeping you inspired and thus self-motivated, energized with learning and doing, and you’re guided and coached to receive the help to build strong and quick.  Whether you’re a new business or you’re moving your business to another level, in this program, you’re encouraged to set the milestone goals to get you farther faster, and build the income you desire to see, both now and in the future.

Even with the SPECIAL COST of the program, you will feel that this program fits, and when it fits with what you want for your business, you will easily commit to what we will be doing.

Meetings are weekly via conference call and Google Hangouts, and there are so many perks to being a part of this group, you’ll want to take advantage of this offer NOW!

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My desire is that you Have a P3 Business and Live a P3 Life!

V. Lynn “The Money Girl” Hawkins
Transformational Business Coach, Intuitive Development Strategist, Author, Speaker
“Empowering Individuals and Businesses to SOAR!”