P3 Premier Group Coaching Program



P3ASE Business Acceleration Coaching Program  

1-Year Business Development and Implementation Program to
Deliberately Create Massive Success In Your Business

Discover your Heart VISION

Release your Unique VOICE

Claim you Authentic VISIBILITY

This program was designed based on the work completed with individual and group coaching clients. The goal is for  you to be successful, in all areas of your life, and especially your business using the Vision, Voice and Visibility Roadmap.
Designed to keep you self-motivated, from the guidance  you receive, the goals you set, to the cost of the program, you will feel that this fits and because it fits with what you want for your business, you will commit to what we will be doing.
Here’s what we will do with and for your business: Coaching Mentoring
1.  We’ll design your fastest path to cash in the “Transform It To Cash!” In this segment of the program we define what “IT” is … potential clients or products and we design the fastest path to getting cash into your business. I want you to get started immediately making cash so you can be at ease as you go through the rest of this transformational business building program.
2.  We’ll design a “12-Month Plan to More Profits” that could double, triple or quadruple your current level of income.
3.  We’ll  Meet Weekly for 1-hour EVERY MONDAY, 9am PT / 10am MT/ 11am CT / 12pm ET via ZOOM or phone .  This is to keep the focus and attention on moving your business, not just doing it. All calls are recorded and you can access the recording for viewing or downloading at any time that’s convenient for you.
4.  As a P3 Premier Group Member, you also have Additional Access to Me LIVE Weekly by email at any time, and via ZOOM or phone anytime on Thursdays between 5pm and 6pm ET.  I will be in the Private Zoom Room and in the Private Facebook Group, ready to engage with you directly one-on-one.  Simply join on Zoom and be a part of the group that gets live laser coaching on …
  • How to break through any individual barrier that has shown up.
  • How to complete a process and tailor it to your business so you can easily progress in this process.
  • How to expand beyond the limitations of what you see … into the possibilities of what you can vision.
If you’re thinking this time isn’t good for you, the time of the call will be recorded. Everyone in the group is invited to be on the call. All questions are answered in a first-come-first-served basis, however, you can email me your question, with a short explanation around the question and I will answer it during the call. If you can’t join us, you can get the call recording and you can hear the answer to your question, not missing out on anything. You will also have access to me via email, so there’s no need to worry you’ll miss anything.
5.  At the end of each 90-day period, the last session of the 90-day program will be focused on setting your P3  90-Day Action Plan for your business that will give you a great platform to continue the focus on your business.  Your first P3 90-Day Action Planning Session is complimentary as a member of the group, and each year, you will get the 1st session of the year as a complimentary session.
Your 90-Days Action Planning Bootcamp is a full 4 hours of work during a virtual bootcamp. The P3 [Purpose, Planning & Prosperity]: 90-Day Action Planning Bootcamp is designed for those who don’t know what it will take to hit your next quarter goals and haven’t set those goals yet. Being a part of this full day of strategizing, planning and developing your action plan will make the next 90 days of your business, the best 90 days. This bootcamp will help you move from planning to prospering and deliberately create the increase in your profits with purpose.
90-Day P3 Action Planning Bootcamp COST:  $197 per person  [Special P3 Premier Group Members get a $77 per person cost and COMPLIMENTARY Admission to the 4th Bootcamp.]  For more information, visit: https://skyhawkenterprises.biz/skyhawk-biz-coaching-and-consulting/90-day-business-planning-bootcamp
6.  Continue with the P3 Premier Group Coaching Program for a second 12 months and ensure the movement of your business goes forward with the same type of attention and momentum, and you will be able to take advantage of other program offerings for a deep discount, or as a Complimentary Guest.  You’ll get some Special Bonuses for doing so, and a Special Renewal Price as well.  I want this program to take you through the New Year with a solid plan of action for a Breathtakingly Profitable and Prosperous 2014.
Because space is limited, we’ll close down the opportunity once the available spots are filled, so don’t delay.  Procrastination is your enemy  …  SEE WHY!
Are you committed to realizing – and living – your destiny?
If you are, then I’d love to work with you.
You see, I’ve done this work myself and I’ve built my business far beyond what I could imagine and in all honesty, it could have been faster if I’d allowed myself the opportunities I’m providing here for you.
– figuring out my life purpose,
– confirming that I’m doing my life purposed work in my business,
– then design (or in my case, re-design) a business around the life that I want to have.
The process that I’ve outlined for you has been life changing for so many others!
Now, It’s Your Time!  It’s Your Turn!

COST:   $297 per month

$197 per month/person Thru 1/31/18
or   one payment of $497.00 per quarter  (15% Savings)

***Sign up and Enjoy a 30-minute RAPID RESULTS Strategy Session with Lynn.  Email to schedule your Complimentary Session at
You’re a heart-centered individual, caring that your work benefit others and I want to work with women entrepreneurs who know that they have a calling.  They know that they have a message to share, and they know that their work is necessary.
But what stops us is our fears … Is this the right thing for me?  Is this the right time for me? Can I really do this? How will I find my voice?
Are you listening to your fears… Or trusting  your Inner Knowing?
Without a doubt, listening to your fears will keep you “safe” … but it will also keep you STUCK.  Listening to your Inner Knowing will put you out there… Someplace you’ve never been before, and can be scary at times. You will be outside of your comfort zone, only until it becomes comfortable and that happens when you experience success.
It can feel like it’s too much work.  You can feel like maybe you can’t afford it.  If that’s the case, waiting will be the easy way and not seeing your dreams come true will be the result.  Well, on the other side of your fear, lies the freedom, the life, the business you desire.
Take Inspired Action and listen to your Inner Knowing!
NOT your fears.
Maybe it’s time to get comfortable being a little uncomfortable, for a little while, so you can build up the momentum and SOAR to the destiny you’ve designed for your life and your business!
I believe in you!
Live your P3 Life and Biz PURPOSE | PASSION | PROSPERITY
P.S.  As soon as we fill the available spots, we’re shutting down the offer link, so if you want in, then do this NOW!
To get started, schedule your Discovery Session.
Email:    info@skyhawkenterprises.biz 
Know this … I believe in you!
I’m V. Lynn Hawkins, Transformational and Intuitive Biz Coach, EFT, Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner saying …
Live a Full P3 Life! 
Live On Purpose | With Passion | And Prosper!
Peace and God Bless!  Talk to you soon!
V. Lynn “The Money Girl” Hawkins
Transformational Business Coach, Intuitive Development Strategist, Author, Speaker
“Empowering Individuals and Businesses to SOAR!”