Permission To Be Powerful – Co-Author Confirm



The Newest Innovative Book Project that has launched in 2014.

The Business Woman’s PERMISSION GUIDE
(I’m Giving Myself…)
Permission to BE POWERFUL !!

 Unique Insights into Being Powerful
In Your Divine Feminine and Your Business

Congratulations to having made one of the best decisions of your entrepreneurial career. There are so many women entrepreneurs, women in business, in the professional sector, in the arts arena, and as CEOs of our households, who are crying out to have a greater understanding about how to give themselves Permission to BE POWERFUL!
As a co-author, you’ll be giving your unique insights about your journey into being the woman of power you are today. Even if taking some time to think about how You ARE a woman standing in your power, give yourself permission to believe it … to know it … and to take action because of it.
I and the Thrive Books Team are going to help you do it and build your business as you’re building your message. Then we’re going to help you to get your message out into the world using the Permission MOVEMENT.
So, here’s the next steps …
You will receive a separate welcome email that will confirm a few things, including:
  • All of the training details so you can be fully prepared to participate
  • Timeline for submission of chapter drafts, picture, bio, links, etc.
  • How to get to know the other co-authors, one or more who might be great joint venture, or referral partners for you
  • Crowdfunding Campaign information so you can begin to promote so we can reach our goal. Don’t have a list, I’ll show you where your list is because you do have one.
  • Begin learning how to use your books to further your brand and build your business, your authority, your credibility, your visibility, confidence, and revenue (and not necessarily in that order).
You will also receive an email receipt when your payment has been processed. You should see the charge showing “dba Thrive Books”.
This book is the beginning of a MOVEMENT and a CAUSE, the Permission to WIN Outreach Program, and you are to be commended for stepping more fully into your POWER by joining a small group of empowered women like yourself, who want to help make the statement that …
Women must learn to Give Themselves Permission to Be … the Women, the Powerful Divinely Feminine Women we were born to be.
Remember Ayn Rand’s Quote?
“The question isn’t who is going to let me, it’s who is going to stop me.”
With this book in an amazing series of “Permission Guides”, women world-wide will be liberated to be who they were born to be, POWERFUL!  Women must be Powerful to help HEAL THE WORLD!
Please know that while I’m so excited to take this amazing journey with you, this is more than me. You and the wonderful co-authors and all who will be impacted by this project will benefit. You are of paramount importance and I will be pursuing all avenues open to me to see that we have the best resources, trainers and opportunities in front of us.  Thank you for being you and WELCOME TO THE JOURNEY!!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am your advocate and your guide through this process and we are a co-author team doing some important work and we’re going to have some FUN (Fabulous, Unadulterated and sometimes Nonsensical Fun) in the process.
Here’s to your massive P3 success!   [Purpose and Planning to Prosperity!]


V. Lynn Hawkins, President
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Skyhawk Philanthropic Ventures [Grants and Fundraising]
Founder, P3 Academy [Purpose and Planning to Prosperity]
Founder and Host, the B.I.Z. Info Zone Shows
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Co-Author, Permission to BE POWERFUL