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So, what’s happening with SHOW ME THE MONEY?  NEW, in our new Newsletter, there will be a bi-weekly review of funding sources and a couple of tips about how you can jump to the front of the VIP line to get your funding request met. You’ll also see new information about trends in funding so you’re ahead of the game. See below for the next Complimentary Information Session with Q&A.
SKYHAWK PHILANTHROPIC VENTURES is the enterprise arm whose mission is to help for-profit businesses who grant and/or sponsorship funding would benefit to obtain the funding they need.
MoneyHands_121613With the changing economic times, grant money is available to those who qualify, including the for-profit business.
Inquire about how we can help you with getting sponsors for an upcoming event, program or project, or obtaining grant funds for your program, project, organization, or business by contacting us for a 30-Minute COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY CONSULTATION.  
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One of our milestone goals is to conduct virtual seminars and workshops through Google Hangouts and Podcasts to help you position, strategize, plan, and pursue obtaining grant money and other charitable contributions for your business.  Contributing to the success of growing sustainable business is our ultimate goal.
Check our list of Upcoming Events to see below to take a glance at what we’re up to … and see below.


For the For-Profit Business”

In a time where people are questioning the availability of capital for small business, when governmental shutdowns happen, it doesn’t seem logical that there would be money available for small business to tap into to get needed capital for operations or growth.  THE TRUTH … It’s available.  You only need to know how to get it.
‘FREE MONEY’ is out there!  Despite what some would tell you … banks aren’t lending; banks want too much of you personally even if it’s for business; private lenders want to take your business for an equity investment; grant money is too hard to get! No one cares as much as our guest presenter does!  She said that even if these are true, it doesn’t matter.  She said you have to know …
“There Is Money and You Can Get It … If you want it!”
In this COMPLIMENTARY VIRTUAL SEMINAR our Presenter shares the information needed so you know you’re set up and ready to go after this money.  She’ll also share what to do to position yourself to get in front of who has the money.  To get the advantage, you’ll hear the real truth about GETTING FREE MONEY for your business, your program, or your project.
Register at:
Have you been asking yourself …
> Where can I find money to get my book edited and published?
> Is there money for me to fund implementing this new marketing strategy that has the potential to generate (or exponentially increase) a stream of income to my business?
> I have a project I want to deliver and the people to help, but where can I get the money to help cover some (or all) of the costs to make the project happen?
> I have a program that I do and it would help a group that can’t afford me.  Is there money that I can use to pay myself, my staff and the materials to give to a group, so they can get this information, do things differently, and get better results for themselves?
SPECIAL FOCUS:    FUNDRAISING and the For-Profit Business
3 Secrets to Building a Successful SPONSORSHIP Campaign     
WHEN:  Friday, 7/18/14  12-1:30pm ET
WHERE:  via Google Hangouts
Cost:  FREE
SPECIAL FOCUS:    Access to GRANTS for the For-Profit Business
5 Keys to Positioning your Business, Your Project or Program for GRANT Money
Date and Time TBA       via Google Hangouts … Cost:  FREE
Register Now:    [ New Session Dates TBA ]
Presenter, V. LYNN “The Money Girl” HAWKINS, Intuitive Business Coach, Business Wealth Strategy Consultant, Multiple Entrepreneur, and Founder of SKYHAWK ENTERPRISES and SKYHAWK PHILANTHROPIC VENTURES is on a mission to help hundreds of entrepreneurs set themselves, their projects, their programs, and their businesses up for success!
Lynn will share answers to the questions above and her 7 steps to find and get the FREE MONEY you want, along with information about the TRADITIONAL and the NEW WAYS to get money for your FOR-PROFIT business or project.
Make 2014 a milestone year by learning what will help you
Create More, to Do More for your business and for others!!
WHEN:       EDates and Times TBA        [Google Hangouts]
SEMINAR DURATION:   1-1/2 Hour (90 Minutes)
COST:           FREE
WHERE:     Google Hangouts   [Register Using the following link or find us on Google+

***  BONUS  for Every Attendee:    FREE eBook  ***

eBook - Show Me The Money
SHOW ME THE MONEY – Free Money for Your Biz”  by:  V. Lynn Hawkins
This eBook was written after a series of presentations that Lynn gave to hundreds of for-profit business owners teaching them the secrets and the strategy behind getting Grant Money as a For-Profit Biz Enterprise. In it she outlines the important steps to proper positioning and opens the thought flood gates to designing ways to bring this money to you. Available soon for purchase on Amazon Kindle.
In this eBook, author, V. Lynn Hawkins, shares what she’s learned from her 30+ years, much of which as an executive in the corporate commercial lending arena. Lynn has a history of grant writing and strategy development so that non-profits and other business ventures and projects can obtain money for their use that does not have to be repaid.
Lynn says, “If you think that grant money is only available to the non-profit organization, you would be wrong.” With recent light being shed on the fact that there are corporate and other givers who make socially conscious choices to contribute to the efforts of small business, Lynn shows you what you need to do to prepare to get it, and then the action steps needed to pursue it.
Get your copy of this enlightening and information book and design your strategy for the pursuit of the FREE MONEY that’s available for your for-profit business, or project.

SHOW ME THE MONEY – Free Money For Your Biz eBook
by:  V. Lynn “The Money Girl” Hawkins Intuitive Biz Coach / Biz Strategy Development Muse / Speaker / Author
QUESTIONS OR OTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: V. Lynn Hawkins, President “The Money Girl” Skyhawk Philanthropic Ventures 408-758-8868 Phone /