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Welcome to the B.I.Z. Info Zone Shows

Welcome to the BIZ Info Zone Shows … news and business information that empowers you to Express Your Purpose, Plan Your Next Move(s), and Increase Your Profits!
BIZ Info Zone Shows airs Weekly on Thursdays from 2-3pm ET.  Be sure to join us on the air in GOOGLE HANGOUTS ON AIR.

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“Leadership – The Strength of Business Growth ”  

Are you a leader moving towards rapid growth?  Guest, JIM REMBACH, an Emotional Intelligence Certified practitioner, Customer Experience Expert, strategic and tactical adviser to global CEOs, and Host of the Fast Leader Show, will share his findings and insights about how to build more human-centric organizations and moving onward and upward…faster. 


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Want a live example of how increasing the Speed of Leadership impacts the growth of your business? That’s the conversation that happened in this interview. Be sure to check out Jim’s gift to our audience members at: http://bit.ly/biz_beyondmoraleeq



BEST OF 2016

Guest, JUDY HOBERMAN, Speaker, Coach, Sales Trainer, Internet Radio Show Host, CEO/Founder of ‘Selling In A Skirt’, and author of the best-selling book of the same name, shares insights and strategies for your sales success.

Get the right perspective on SALES and how women (and men) can sell more successfully!

Check out what Judy shares about her *4 Simple Words*, as well as the success and the revenue they bring from using them.


Featured Show on Social Entrepreneurship

Guest, JV Crum III, MBA/JD, Conscious Business & Life Coach, Best Selling Author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference”, and Founder of Conscious Millionaire Institute



**********  FEATURED BIZ Info Zone SHOW  **********

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GUEST:    Dr. Deb DiBiasie, ND, the CrowdFunding Doctor


Fundraising Success …

CrowdFunding, CrowdSourcing, Crowd$haring??  Oh My!!

What’s the Difference and Which One is Right for Me?


Part of the conversation in the Zone for all of those Savvy Social Entrepreneurs who find themselves desiring to build a business and use their book for major marketing opportunities, we’ve launched a new segment of the BIZ Info Zone

“Your Book and a Business – Your Business and a Book”  

During this show segment we will share our mission to help others develop their business with a book and how to use their book to help develop their business.



Coaches, Speakers, Trainers, Authors, Sales Representatives, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs who want to create courses to sell from your own website and set up and manage your membership site with ease …

This is where it happens … in a supportive, group, mastermind style way that provides collaborative development and joint venture opportunities.

Tired of the 17 separate pieces and the long learning curve to set up and manage your membership site?  

Is course creation something you’ve been putting off thinking it was a chore to figure out the structure and easily create what you can promote from your own website or from a third-party site like Udemy?

It’s the

Conscious Entrepreneur Enterprise Program.


 CHECK IT OUT AT:    http://bit.ly/ceep_blueagate



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Living a Life of PROSPERITY  is our Mission.Purpose and Planning to Profitability … Live a Legacy Life!

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B.I.Z. Info Zone Shows will air weekly in Google Hangouts and invitations go out once each week to let you know who the amazing guests will be.  Some of the categories will be:
– Marketing
– Funding Stragtegies (Grants, Fundraising, Private Money, Biz Credit, Biz Loans, etc.)
– Mindset, Beliefs and Motivation
– Money (Making it, Keeping it, Spending it, and Giving it away!)
– Reputation Marketing and Management
– Doing Business From and With the Heart
– Establishing Rapport
– Leverage Strategies (Joint Venture and Affiliate Partnerships)
– Speaking  (Internet TV, On Stage, In Front of Groups)
– Writing a Book, Publishing Your Own Book
– Ways to Reach 6 and 7-Figure Incomes
– More, Much More!


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