Discover the Amazing History of Crowdfunding

To understand the history of Crowdfunding, one must first know what it is. So, here is a recap of a trend in financing that, thanks to the internet, has and is continuing to take the world (especially business world) by storm. Crowdfunding is basically a way that people, groups and companies can gather funding to launch a project without having to go the traditional routes of getting loans or investors.  It basically  means Continue Reading –>

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How It WORX … Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

You have probably heard lots about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, but you may be unsure of how the two concepts are different, yet actually work towards similar ends, and what type of results you can expect for business. What better way to show you this than by covering a few case studies and sharing the success stories.

Businesses are coming to realize how crowdfunding can benefit them and those they serve, yet, there is still a lot of uncertainty as to how. Over the … Continue Reading –>

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Why Motivation Doesn’t Matter

Do you believe that motivation is the key to success? Many people do, and that’s why so many people fail at their goals. Motivation is a fickle friend.

It’s sort of like the classic literary muse. Sometimes it’s there guiding you along, and sometimes it is as elusive as a breath of fresh air in a fire. Basically, if you… Continue reading –>


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Are You Really Listening?

Can you honestly say that you really listen to what people are saying, or do you just think you are listening? Unfortunately, too many people are not listening as attentively as they could. One of my coaching clients asked me Continue Reading –>

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Leadership Personified

Leadership – Stopping Is Not An Option

I’ve been in several conversations about leadership lately and had this pour out, strengthening my soul in a determination to constantly become my best me. I find great joy in knowing that perfection … Continue Reading –>

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The Social Promo Explosion


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Crowdfunding WORX – News and Information

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Welcome to the New Crowdfunding WORX News and Information. Our mission is to help you understand more about crowdfunding and how you can possibly use it to further your dream, your purpose, your business, or your cause. Whether…Continue Reading –>

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Impact and Opportunity

BPurposeBeyondProfit_SirRichardBranson_800x400_042916eing an entrepreneur takes a leap of faith and requires so much more than just a degree from business school or a desire to be your own boss. When you desire to make a positive impact in the world through your business, you have entered the world of conscious entrepreneur. You have entered the space where social entrepreneurs thrive. … Continue Reading …  

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The Heart of Business

 WhatYouSeek_Rumi_012516What is the Heart of Business? In a word – Serving! Seek to Serve! Relationships are about reciprocation, not necessarily in perfect balance. Sometimes you give without receiving, yet you know that you will receive when in faith. Sometimes you receive without giving. That is okay and something you are worthy of having happen to you. In this reciprocal relationship is Flow. There is no seeking of what is not already seeking you. To give and to receive … Continue Reading –>


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Access to Free Money Most Small Businesses Don’t Know About

There arMoneyHands_121613e all sorts of great lists of the traditional funding methods and sources for small business, however, where can you find out about the non-traditional funding sources available to raise capital or fund projects and programs, especially two? …  Continue Reading …

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